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ソ゛ーコ゛ン(?) Zogon(?)
 Zog is a character within Breath of Fire. He is the Emperor of the Dark Dragon family and one of the game's main antagonist.

Role in Breath of FireEdit

Zog masterminded the plan to recover the Goddess Keys, believing that one man should control the world. He is a ruthless, power hungry man, yet he does respect power; despite waging war against his brethren in the Light Dragon Clan, he still shows signs of respect to them as long as they have power.

Ryu, after a long journey, finally reached the imperial capital of Scande and defeated him. His general, Jade, has been helping Ryu all along and planned to control the goddess himself. Zog was killed by Ryu, never knowing of Jade's betrayal.


Zog doesn't live to see his ambition come to pass, but his actions did give Jade the opportunity to re-awaken Myria and set in motion the events of Breath of Fire 2 and Breath of Fire 3. Zog's name is lost to history by the events of the later games but his war may have caused the Dark Dragon Clan to be dramatically reduced in numbers and forced to merge with the Light Dragon Clan,  as both Clans had banded together in the hopes stopping Myria's spawn Deathevan from awakening centuries later. In a way his actions indirectly caused the Brood to become one again.

In terms of gameplay, Zog represents the beginning of a tradition within the series, which is Ryu battling a dark counterpart of himself. Zog is the only Dark Dragon transformation Ryu must face in the first game and in many ways, the two are polar opposites of each other in personality and goals. The battle with Zog and the Dark Dragon counterpart will appear in every entry of the series as the battle with Ray in Breath of Fire II, Teepo in Breath of Fire III, Fou-Lu in Breath of Fire IV, and Bosch in Breath of Fire V.


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Zog is said to be one of the most powerful members of the Dark Dragon Clan. He transforms into his Dragon Form to face Ryu and is so massive that only his head is visible to the player. His Second Phase is begun with the phrase "Zog grinned fearlessly"


Zog has a unique sprite that isn't quite as super-deformed like the other sprites in the game, his sprite is easily twice the size of any other sprite in the game.

Though he's not the only Dark Dragon Clan member faced in the game, Zog is the only one that transforms into a dragon and must be battled with.

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