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Yohm is a non-playable character who appears in Breath of Fire IV. A general of the Fou Empire, he is sent by Emperor Soniel to kill the reawakened God-Emperor Fou-Lu.

Role in Breath of Fire IV[]

Aware of Fou-Lu's impending awakening, Yohm sets a pair of soldiers at the base of the temple to stop him, and is waiting concealed in unnatural darkness to confront him himself when his men are easily dispatched. Telling Fou-Lu that times have changed and the Empire would rather he continued sleeping, he summons his servant Kham, a fire-elemental, to attack him, only to have it defeated. Seeing, however, that the battle has weakened Fou-Lu because of his prolonged sleep and incomplete state, and knowing Fou-Lu's elemental weakness, he has his soldiers set fire to the forest Fou-Lu escapes into. Eventually, he is able to corner him and succeeds in knocking him off a bridge and into the river below. Unwilling to take any chances, he orders his men to find the body.

Yohm eventually tracks Fou-Lu to the Zhinga Moutains, where he has been recovering from his wounds under the care of Bunyan. The general explains that the mere act of Fou-Lu speaking his name creates a powerful ripple in the world that allows those sensitive to such energies to immediately track him. He then summons another beast, Khafu, and when that is defeated, calls yet another, revealing he is aware of Fou-Lu's other half being awakened and explaining that even if he cannot match Fou-Lu, this other half should be easier for them to dispose of. When Fou-Lu transforms and takes to the sky, Yohm sends his unnamed creature after him, which manages to land several hits in on Fou-Lu and sends him crashing into a forest.

His last appearance and encounter with Fou-Lu takes place inside the Imperial Castle in the capital of Chedo. Arriving to see what has caused the unexpected commotion, he is shocked to discover that Fou-Lu has survived a hit by the Carronade, the most powerful weapon the Empire has, and summons two of his servants in a last attempt to stop him. Defeated, he realizes none of them have a chance of matching Fou-Lu now that he has regained his power, and offers up his life, using his magic to burn himself to death. As he does, he explains it is his nature as a mortal to die but up to him to decide how and when it occurs.

In battle[]

Although he clashes with Fou-Lu several times, Yohm does not fight Fou-Lu directly, instead he summons powerful fire-based creatures to do his bidding, taking advantage of Fou-Lu's natural elemental weakness.


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