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パーウッズの森 Paauzzu No Mori (Paauzzu Forest)
Ludia Region; Eastern Continent
"Hey, no fair! He's got a Dragon's Eye!"
— Fairy upon being discovered

Wychwood is a location within Breath of Fire IV.


Wynchwood Ninabirbnest

A shrunk Nina awakens in a bird's nest.

Rumors in the nearby town suggest that Wychwood is haunted. In actuality, it is inhabited by fairies that have been driven out of their home and now spend their time playing tricks on travelers, including poking people in the eye.

Wynchwood fairy

Fairies appear before Ryu

As the party progress through the lush green forest thicket, Nina is suddenly hit by a shrinking spell, leaving the party behind in confusion.

The startled party begins their search for Nina and make their way further into the forest until they overhear voices. Both Ryu and Ershin, attributed to being Endless and due to Ryu possessing the Dragon's Eye, they are able to follow the invisible creatures' movement. Ryu swings his sword and hit s a fairy, the true troublemakers behind the mischief. They apologize for the inconvenience caused and explain the situation. The magic will eventually rub off.

Wynchwood Nina birbnest

Mother bird arrives.

Nina, in the meanwhile, awakens in a bird's nest and realizes that something is amiss. She tries to escape from the nest and the tree just as a sparrow appears and drops a caterpillar, under the belief that she was its little chick. Nina has to fight the bird, which flees after a short battle. She then jumps off the tree and lands on a bamboozled Ryu. The party then leaves the forest and heads for Worent.

Later, the party returns to the forest when they were tasked by the smith at Mount Glom to obtain a Faerie Drop so that the King's Sword could be reforged. They head back to where they first found the fairies and then enter Dreamland.


Item Location
Healing Herb (x3) Follow linear path and head to the right,inside a chest
Magic Shard (x1) Second screen, linear path, to the left inside a bag


Nut Troop

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