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Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter Enemy
Worker Ant
Worker Ant
Level HP AP
8 120 30
Attack Defense Magic Speed
73 47 16 33
Move AB Defense XP
30 _ 17
Fire Ice Lightning
100% 100% 100%
Dark Death Holy
50% 50% Immune
Attack Defense Magic Speed Move
75% 75% 25% 75% 75%
Poison Confusion Sleep
75% 75% 75%
Bind Stun Frozen
25% 25% 25%
Location Old Waste Shaft
Steal Lurid Dust
Steal Rate 1:2
Drop Bomb


Drop Rate 1:2
Abilities Multiattack
Info A quiet genic that doesn't attack with full force unless its companions are killed.

Worker Ant is an enemy that appears in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter. They are a variety of genic bred to serve as laborers. Although they appear as enemies in the Old Waste Shaft, there also some friendly members of the species who can be hired as employees at the Colony.


Worker Antz will often try to flee from battle, however, once one of them is killed, they will switch to attack mode and fight to the death.


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