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フーレンの里 Fuuren No Sato (Fuuren Hometown)
Gold Plains; Eastern Continent
"That's why I came here--to study with the Woren, the strongest warriors in the world! I've worked day and night, training and studying their ways. I'm stronger than I was before!"
Kahn before his second fight with the party

Worent is a town in Breath of Fire IV. It is a part of the Golden Plains region of the Eastern Continent and is the home of the Woren tribe.

The tribal nature of the location is reflected in the various masks, tapestries and statues that can be found across the location. Warriors are seen training with clubs, archery targets are scattered across the town and weapons such as spears, bows and swords are seen in various storage buildings. Several horses are seen in town as well, which suggests that the Woren are skilled horseback archers and warriors. Moreover, there are also tanned hides spanned across interior walls, which shows that they also use their skills for hunting. A small farm produces vegetables for a more balanced diet. The river is used by the local population to wash their clothes and to power up a waterwheel. The Elders reside in a large building on a hill, towards the end of the town. Una, the master, can be found upstairs of the assembly hall. A shrine as well as musical lute can be seen there as well, which adds a spiritual and a musical side to the otherwise fierce warrior tribe. Regardless, the Woren are hospitable towards travelers of whom several can be found throughout town. After the events in Ludia, they show a readiness to fight the Ludians if necessary, which suggests that the alliance between the two nations is indeed fragile.


Woren Elders

Elders and party during meeting.

Worent is the home town of Cray, who is the acting chief of the Woren tribe that reside there. Kahn comes

Woren Dynamic Entry

Kahn's dramatic leap.

to Worent to learn the art of fighting in order to defeat Ryu, where he apprentices himself under a woman called Una. While Cray is away, Worent is looked after by the elders, three wise -but somewhat sleepy- old men, who are clearly affectionate for Cray and sympathetic with his situation. With the King's Sword broken and Cray in custody, the party decides to seek out Tarhn, Cray's mother. After her husband died and Cray became the new chief of Woren, Tarhn chose to leave Worent and lead a nomadic life on the Golden Plains. Since learning to ride horses takes years and nobody in the party has experience, Ryu ends up borrowing a Whelk that takes an instant liking to him.

Woren Kahn leaves, Una worried

Una visibly worried about her disciple.

Meanwhile, Una has accepted Kahn, Marlok's former bodyguard from Synesta, as a disciple. He has not taken his earlier loss to the party very well and has been training relentlessly so that he can prove his martial superiority when he next encounters them. Upon meeting the party in Worent another fight ensues, leaving Kahn heavily bruised after a short battle. Kahn decides to embark on another journey, seeking even more strength.

The party then finally sets out to the Golden Plains to find Tarhn.


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Weapon and Item shop (Single vendor)[]

Item Price
Katzbalger 1800z
Reed Baton 1600z
Spiked Rod 2200z
Ranger Garb 1500z
Bronze Shield 380z
Healing Herb 20z
Molotov 100z
Water Bomb 100z


Free of charge


In the building with the waterwheel at the town entrance


Item Location
ManlyClothes In the basement of the Elder's House. Go down the ladder to the right and follow the path



Notable Residents[]


  • The merchant is relocated from the inn into the stables near the Whelk.
  • if the player decides to return to the village after the story events in the plains, the Whelk is seen eating the farmer's crops, much to his dismay
  • the girl and the boy are seen after a fight when the party first visits Worent. After the journey to Wyndia, those kids are seen on top of the Elder's house, with the boy crying and the girl teasing him


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