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First appearance: Breath of Fire II
Other appearances: Breath of Fire III
Breath of Fire IV
Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter
Breath of Fire 6
Home: Worent (BoF IV)
Leader(s): Cray (BoF IV)

The Woren (虎人, フーレン, or Fuuren, ?, lit. "Tiger People") are a recurring tribe in the Breath of Fire series. Their appearance resembles humans with tiger-like physical traits, including a feline tail and ears. These feline characteristics are typically more pronounced in the males than females. While the Woren are portrayed as having a thriving community with a sizable population in Breath of Fire IV, their numbers are much fewer in the other games, and there is no sign of their having an organized society. First introduced in Breath of Fire II with the inclusion of Katt and Tiga, the Woren subsequently became one of the staple tribes of the series. They have appeared in every of the following games and have been playable in each of them but Breath of Fire 6.


While Breath of Fire IV's English language manual describe the Woren as "cat people," their appearance appears to be specifically modeled after tigers, as suggested by the origin of the tribe's name. The tribe's appearance varies slightly between members, with some, such as Tiga, having more pronounced feline traits than others. However, they are uniformly depicted as a physically powerful tribe, and their members are usually among the fastest characters in the game.


Because of their natural strength, Woren tend to be among the strongest fighters in the games in which they appear. Interestingly, no two playable Woren characters use the same weapon. While their AP and wisdom are usually fairly low they often still have access to powerful combat magic. However, these offensive capabilities are offset by typically low defensive power. One member of the tribe, Rei, possesses the ability to transform into an incredibly muscular, more feline form known as a weretiger. It is unknown whether this is a wholly unique ability or not.


Breath of Fire IV depicts the Woren living in the isolated, seemingly self-sufficient tribal community of Worent. They are led by a chief, a hereditary position, who is in turn advised by an all-male council of elders. The game's Japanese manual describes them as a "warlike" tribe and, at one point, the council nearly declares war upon Ludia after hearing how the country's government treated their visiting chief. One of the elders laments that the Worens' quick tempers have always been a weakness. In spite of this, the Woren are renowned by the other tribes for their martial prowess. When Khan is humiliated by his defeat at the hands of the party, he travels in order to study under a Woren mentor, describing their people as "the strongest warriors in the world!" Several Woren are portrayed diligently training in stick fighting and archery, while spears and swords also appear throughout the community.

While most of the communities in Breath of Fire IV are home to members of various tribes who appear to live in harmony with one another, Worent consists entirely of Worens. However, it appears that they are accommodating of other tribes as the previous chief's wife was human. The community also has a close relationship with Wyndia, whose royal family are frequent visitors, to the point that the children of the two country's head of governments grew up as close friends.

Worent is an agricultural community, and the tanned hides that appear throughout it seem to indicate that its members also hunt. The town also contains a waterwheel and mill and the washing of garments takes place in the local river. Animal husbandry is also a crucial part of the community, with the Woren relying upon horses and whelks for mounts. Although, the community only possesses a single whelk the time of the game, a former member of the community comments that the only place the party could've gotten one is from Woren, seemingly suggesting that it's appearance is not an anomaly. Art in the form of statues, tapestries, and decorative masks are prominently displayed in many homes and buildings.

While the Woren inhabit a thriving in Breath of Fire IV, they noticeably lack an organized society in any of the other games, with their tribe's population having dwindled significantly. This fact is drawn attention to in Breath of Fire II when the Woren character Katt comments that that her tribe is so small and scattered that the party's meeting Tiga marked the first time in her life that she'd ever seen another Woren. Upon, seeing Katt, a hunter who lives by the OwlWoods also makes a comment about the scarcity of Woren.


The tribe's English language name is a corrupted Romanization of their original Japanese name "Fullen," which in turn appears to be derived from the Chinese word for "tiger people," Hu'ren (虎人).

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