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西の森 Nishi No Mori (West Forest)
KWoods Scenic
South Desert

The Woods is a location in Breath of Fire IV. It is a dungeon located on the Eastern Continent.


KWoods Animal hunt

Party luring out small maman.

Ryu, Nina, Cray and Ershin entered the woods in order to look for the mayor of the town Kyria. He has been missing for a while and he is the only one who can allow people to use the hidden passage leading from Kyria to Synesta. After talking to his parrot, they learn that he went into the neighboring woods to drive away animals that pester the village.

KWoods angry mom

Big Maman appears, the mayor in a bind.

The party heads into the forest in order to find the missing mayor. They discover his aide near the forest entrance, and he hands the party an apple, which is necessary to lure out a smaller Maman. They head into the forest and avoid a variety of traps until they finally find a tree stump upon which they place the apple.The shy animal nabs the apple and flees the scene immediately after noticing the party, leading them to the mayor. The latter is happy that his plan worked out as he drove the small critter away. A larger one is soon to appear, so the party rushes to the mayor's aid and eliminates the threat. The mayor is grateful and they return to the town of Kyria.


Item Location
Apple An infinite supply can be obtain by using Ershin's headbutt on the isolated tree in the first screen
Healing Herb (x4) Up the hill east of well, next to a cage is a hole in the ground. Fall down and collect the loot.
Pointed Stick East section of stump screen, next to another cage inside a treasure chest on a pole. Walk below it for it to fall onto the party.
Apple (x8) Eastern stump, place apple on it and follow trail to find 8 apples on another screen
Aura Ring From the cage, head south, down the hill and jump into the hole (hard to see, adjust camera) to fall down into the cave again, collect chest
Wisdom Seed Waterfall screen: top level, jump across to a ledge to find a bag
Earth Ward Place an apple on the western stump on the hill and follow the footprints to find this chest


Flue Goo
Red Cap


  • The apples in the beginning are infinite and can be an additional source of income if sold.
  • The Maman that appears during the minigame can lead to two different treasure chests or the main story path. The tracks disappear if Ryu and the others wait too long, so speed is of essence!
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