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Wolba Clan
ウルバ族 uruba-zoku (Wolf Tribe)
First appearance: Breath of Fire
Home: Tantar
Leader(s): Tantar Chief

The Wolba Clan (ウルバ族, uruba-zoku?, lit. "Wolf Tribe"), also known as the Forest Clan, are a race resembling large bipedal wolves. Their members exhibit a number of fur colors including brown, blue, and black.

Role throughout the seriesEdit

Breath of FireEdit

In this game, the term "Forest Clan" is used to refer to a tribe of nature-revering hunters. The Dark Dragons drive them from their homelands in an attempt to coerce them into giving up the Ring, a magical artifact in their clan's possession. The Forest Clan respond by building a new town, Tantar, deep within the woods, which serves as a sister city to the human settlement of Tuntar. The towns enjoy a harmonious relationship, including intermarriage between their people. While Forest Clan may specifically refer to Tantar's canine inhabitants, the game's dialogue also leaves open the possibility that it refers to the collective inhabitants of Tantar, which also include humans and Iron Ogres. The canine segment of this population are depicted as muscular, yet lithe, with slender faces and prominent ears. While their fur is most commonly brown, their chief's is blue, which later becomes their dominant fur color in Breath of Fire 6.

Breath of Fire IIIEdit

Two members of the Wolba, Gary and an unnamed co-worker, appear among the workers at the Dauna Mine. Gary is crippled during an encounter with Ryu's dragon form and re-surfaces years later at the mine's

Breath of Fire 6Edit

The Wolba of this game are one of many tribes of beastman who inhabit the continent. In this game, the Wolba are portrayed as stockier than in the previous titles, and their fur colors include black, blue, and brown, with blue being the most common. They are renowned for their physical strength and endurance, particularly their warriors, whose bare hands are reputed to be just as strong as any weapon. They often work as physical laborers such as miners and dockworkers. They are one of the many clans that inhabit the game's version of Dragnier.

Notable MembersEdit