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ウルバ族 uruba-zoku (Wolf Tribe)
First appearance: Breath of Fire
Other appearances: Breath of Fire II
Breath of Fire III
Breath of Fire IV
Breath of Fire 6
Home: Tantar
(Breath of Fire)
Island of Giants
(Breath of Fire II)
Dauna Mine
(Breath of Fire III)
(Breath of Fire IV)
(Breath of Fire 6)
Leader(s): Tantar Chief
(Breath of Fire)

The Wolba (ウルバ族, uruba-zoku?, lit. "Wolf Tribe"), are a tribe resembling large bipedal wolves. Their members exhibit a number of fur colors including brown, blue, and black. They are sometimes confused with the Forest Clan, who are the inhabitants of Tantar,[1] a town which has a particularly high concentration of wolba inhabitants.

Role throughout the series[]

Breath of Fire[]

Wolba make up a large portion of the Forest Clan whom the Dark Dragons drove them from their homelands in an attempt to coerce them into giving up the Ring, a magical artifact in their clan's possession. The Forest Clan respond by building a new town, Tantar, south of Lament Woods, which serves as a sister city to Tuntar. However, the Dark Dragons continue to harass the Forest Clan by cutting off Tantar and Tuntar's water supply. One of Forest Clan's wolba members,Bo, joins Ryu in his mission to defeat the Dark Dragons. Another of Tantar's wolba inhabitants, Terry, is engaged to be married to Amelia, a human female in Tantar. This intermarriage is portrayed is welcomed and accepted between the populace of both towns. While most wolba's fur are brown in this game, their chief's is blue, which later becomes their dominant fur color in Breath of Fire 6.

Breath of Fire II[]

Bo and Karn appear as non-playable characters, inhabiting the sole building on the Island of Giants. In a nod to Bo's background in the previous game, hunting tools litter their home. When the party speaks to him, Bo tells them about how he discovered a fossil while tilling the land.

Breath of Fire III[]

Two members of the wolba, Gary and an unnamed co-worker, appear among the workers at the Dauna Mine. Gary is crippled during an encounter with Ryu's dragon form and it is possible for Ryu to encounter him again, years later, at the mine's bar.

Breath of Fire IV[]

Rwolf, one of the masters that the player can study under in the game, is a wolba.

Breath of Fire 6[]

The wolba of this game are one of many tribes of beastmen who inhabit the continent. In this game, the wolba are portrayed as stockier than the lithe build of previous titles and their fur colors include black, blue, and brown, with blue being the most common. They are renowned for their physical strength and endurance, particularly their warriors, whose bare hands are reputed to be just as strong as any weapon. They often work as physical laborers such as miners and dockworkers. They are one of the many tribes that inhabit the game's version of Dragnier.

Notable Members[]

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