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Winlan Soliders
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The Winlan Soldiers are a group of temporary playable characters from Breath of Fire.

Role in Breath of Fire[]

The Winlan Soldiers are all employed by the King of Winlan to ensure his kingdom's protection. All of the soldiers are extremely loyal doing everything in their power to keep Winlan and its Royal Family safe. Sr 1 and Sr 2 are responsible for guarding Aura Cave and Sr 3 is responsible for keeping the castle safe.

When Nina sneaks out of the castle to obtain the Remedy to save her father, she must first pass through Aura Cave to reach Karma. In the cave she meets Sr 1 and Sr 2 who refuse to let her pass unless they accompany her. Nina and the two soldiers make their way to Karma and eventually confront the Wizard of Karma, owner of Remedy. Before the battle the Wizard floods the room with xeon gas leaving Nina and the two soldiers poisoned. Nina orders the soldiers to get help. Sr1 helps Nina hold of the Wizard while Sr2 returned to Winlan to request assistance. Shortly after explaining the situation to the castle guards, Sr2 passes away. An unnamed requests the aid of the wandering warrior Ryu and Sr 3 flies Ryu to Karma. Unable to help due to the Xeon Gas, Sr 3 can only wait while Ryu rescues Nina. By the time Ryu arrives in Agua, Sr1 had already died. After Ryu defeats the Wizard, he and Nina are flown back to Winlan by Sr 3.

Equipment and Abilities[]

As members of the Wing Clan all three soldiers are able to transform into the Great Bird although only two of the three soldiers actually show this ability. All three soldiers are also trained spearmen. The three soldiers all come equiped with a Pole, a SuedeSH, SuedeGN and SuedeHT.


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