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Wing Clan
First appearance: Breath of Fire
Other appearances: Breath of Fire II
Breath of Fire III
Breath of Fire IV
Breath of Fire 6
Home: Wyndia
Leader(s): King/Queen of Wyndia

The Wing Clan, alternately referred to as Sylpheeds in Breath of Fire II and the Fae Tribe in Breath of Fire IV and the instruction booklet for the Game Boy Advance rerelase of the original Breath of Fire, are one of the main tribes throughout the Breath of Fire series, making prominent appearances in every game except for Dragon Quarter. They are depicted as humans with feathered, birdlike wings.


The Wing Clan's hometown and capital is Wyndia. Although the city is constantly changing but always keeps a central design; houses, shops and often windmills around the lower sections and a large keep or castle at the upper central section.

The Wyndian people once possessed the ability to turn into giant birds at will, and every Wyndian had wings with which they could fly. As time passed, however, this ability became more select and eventually disappeared altogether. In time, the only Wyndians capable of transforming were those who underwent a special ritual and permanently became giant birds. It appears that over the years, even this power may have been lost. In Breath of Fire II it is revealed that the one to be blamed for this was Nina from the original Breath of Fire, as she fell in love for a man from another tribe, thereby weakening the powers of her own people.

In Breath of Fire IV all Wyndians have wings and seem to be able to fly to some extent, this is one piece of evidence that indicates the fourth game is a prequel to the original Breath of Fire. However, the wings of the people also grew smaller and more ornamental until they became incapable of flight.


In each of its appearances, Wyndia is depicted as a prosperous technology advanced society with a developed military. This, combined with the fact that the city has remained a constant presence thousands of years, seem to suggest that the Wing Clan are one of the central political powers throughout the Breath of Fire series.

Notable Members[]

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