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や まねこ Yamaneko (Mountain Cat)
Non-Playable Character
WildCat Cafe
Chef's Knife

Wildcat is a non-playable character who appears in Breath of Fire II. He is the head chef of the WildCat cafe. After the player defeats him in battle, who can teach the unique ability Chopchop to party members, and in this manner acts as an precursor to the Master system of later games.

Role in Breath of Fire II[]

While Jean is imprisoned in the dungeons of SimaFort, he asks Ryu to retrieve the Royal Ring for him so that he can prove his lineage. He says that he gave it to a witch named Nimufu Mani. However, after travelling to her tower, the party learns that she has gone to the WildCat cafe. Wildcat must be defeated in order to reach Nimufu, and after the battle he becomes friendly toward the party.


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Before fighting Wildcat, the party has a number of prompts where they are asked to either abide by or disobey the cafe's rules of etiquette. Obeying them usually results in the party removing some of their equipment, thereby making the ensuing battle with Wildcat more difficult. Disoebying the rules will cause them to fight a Bouncer and decreases Wildcat's disposition toward them.

Obtaining Chopchop[]

According to the "Tips and Tricks" section of Ben Siron's FAQ, Chopchop can only be obtained before Jean asks you to retrieve the Royal Ring. Then it's a matter of keeping Wildcat's disposition up, as follows:

Each time the player disobeys a rule, Wildcat loses 8 disposition points. After the fight, the player has a conversation with Wildcat about forgiveness which further affects his disposition (the specifics of this are also given in Siron's FAQ). Wildcat begins at 120 disposition, and you will receive the spell Chopchop if his disposition ends at 112 or more (the Dragon Tear is yellow or better); otherwise in lieu of learning Chopchop, each party member will instead gain 16 maximum HP. As an example, if the player disobeys 2 rules, and then answers "No" followed by "Yes," then Wildcat will end with 120 disposition.

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