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Breath of Fire II Boss
やまねこ Yamaneko (Mountain Cat)
610 300
Off Def Magic Vuln
60 42 -1
Agi Luck Immunity
64 25 -
EXP Coins
700 400
Location WildCat Cafe
Drop -
Drop rate 0
Abilities Dice, Chopchop
Type -
Info -

Wildcat is a boss enemy and character in Breath of Fire II. After the party defeats him, he becomes a friendly non-playable character.


The party must defeat Wildcat in order to find the witch Nimufu when she's at WildCat cafe and recover the Royal Ring for Jean. It is also possible to learn the skill Chopchop from Wildcat.


Before bringing Jean to SimaFort, swim into the Waterfall from above to find the Dragon Elder and obtain the spells T.Drgn, FireDrgn and IceDrgn for Ryu. This will make the battle much easier.

The fight against Wildcat has a gimmick which determines the party's condition and equipment at the start of battle. Before the fight, the party passes through 5 rooms where they are asked to abide by a policy of the restaurant, in this order: give up items, give up helmets, give up armor in exchange for napkins, give up weapons and shields in exchange for forks and plates, and rub themselves with salt and pepper. In each case the party must either abide by the policy of the cafe, or fight a Bouncer and decrease Wildcat's disposition. In the 6th room the party is asked wether they like their meat Rare, Medium or Well Done, whose effects are described below. If the party ignores the sign they must again fight a Bouncer. When the party leaves the 6th room they enter a large grill and are partially cooked before Wildcat enters and initiates battle.

If you relinquished any of your possessions earlier, then you must fight Wildcat without them. Your party is also dealt damage depending on which cooking level they have chosen (according to the "Tips and Tricks" section of Ben Siron's FAQ):

Rare: each member's current HP is reduced to 75%

Medium: each member's current HP is reduced to 50%

Well Done: each member's current HP is reduced to 25%

Ignore the sign: each member's current HP is reduced to 1

A party member's HP will not be reduced below 1. The effects of the salt and pepper are not clear, and possibly only affect Wildcat's disposition if you don't comply.

Once the fight starts have Ryu use one of the Dragon transformations (doesn't matter which) and have the rest of the party use powerful attacks. If Ryu's AP is full then the Dragon will almost kill Wildcat, and the other characters will finish the job.

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