Wildcat Cafe
やまねこてい Yamanekotei (Wildcat's Cafe)
Wildcat Cafe
Unknown (Northwest of SimaFort)

WildCat, also referred to as The Wildcat Restaurant, is a location within Breath of Fire II.


The Wildcat Restaurant is a cave near SimaFort which has been converted into a dining eastablish, by its proprietors a pair of unnamed Maoren, typically referred to as Wildcat in the game's literature. When Ryu and the party first arrive, they are asked to take off most of their equipment in order to comply with the establishment's dress code. The party can choose to refuse, however this will result in them having to fight a Bouncer. After traveling through a short series of tunnels, the party walks onto a large metal grid. Soon after, flames ignite, revealing the floor to be an enomormous grill which the unseen Wildcat is attempting to use to cook them. Although the party loses HP, they live through the ordeal and when Wildcat ses that the party is not fully cooked, he chooses to attack them.

The resulting boss fight is much easier if you keep all your equipment on and ask for the lightest cooking setting. After defeating Wildcat, the party gains access to the cafe.

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