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Wildcat Cafe
やまねこてい Yamanekotei (Wildcat's Cafe)
Wildcat Cafe
Unknown (Northwest of SimaFort)

WildCat, also referred to as The Wildcat Restaurant, is a location within Breath of Fire II. It is a cave near SimaFort which has been converted into a dining establishment by its proprietors, a pair of unnamed Maoren typically referred to as Wildcat in the game's literature.

Ryu and his companions can visit the café at any time after reaching the SimaFort region, but stopping by before the plot requires them to do so gives them a chance to learn the Chopchop technique or get a party-wide Maximum HP increase, both of which are permanently missable if they haven't visited the café before then.


Ryu and the party are officially sent to WildCat to retrieve Jean's royal ring from Nimufu Mani, who is visiting WildCat for a witches' class reunion. When the party arrives in search of Jean's ring, they find the reunion in full swing -- Nimufu, drunk and depressed, is found throwing up in the toilet. The party asks her for the ring back, but she reveals that she dropped it in the toilet. Fortunately, retrieving the ring turns out to be simple, if unpleasant -- the cave under the toilet is monster-free, letting the party simply grab the ring (after fumbling it on their first attempt). By the time they come back out, the reunion has ended, and the party heads back to SimaFort with the ring.

Later, the WildCat café is one of the locations the party tracks Patty, the Phantom Thief to when looking for her help with the dragon of Gate. Wildcat tells them that Patty ate and left, saying something about a tomb.


When the party first arrives (regardless of whether they have a reason to be there or not), they are asked to leave behind all their equipment over several stages in order to comply with the establishment's dress code -- first their items, then their headgear, then their armor, then their weapons and shields, ultimately leaving them "equipped" with a Fork, Plate, and Napkin each. They are then asked to season themselves with salt and pepper. The party can choose to ignore any of these instructions, but this will result in a fight with a Bouncer each time they refuse.

After traveling through a short series of tunnels, the party are finally asked how they want their meat cooked, then pass through one final door onto a large metal grid. Soon after, flames ignite about the room, revealing the floor to be an enormous grill which the unseen Wildcat is attempting to use to cook them. Although the party loses HP ("Rare" = -25% max HP, "Medium" = -50%, "Well Done" = -75%, Not choosing = reduced to 1 HP), they live through the ordeal; when Wildcat sees that the party is not fully cooked, he chooses to attack them himself. The resulting boss fight is much easier if you keep all your equipment, but following the instructions will keep Wildcat's opinion high, which is important for learning the Chopchop skill.

After defeating Wildcat, the party gains access to the café, and can freely enter and exit without having to follow the instructions. Speaking to Wildcat before the witches' reunion occurs will cause him to beg the party's forgiveness for trying to cook them. If the party forgives him and followed the instructions on the way in, he will be pleased enough with them to teach one party member Chopchop; if the party offended Wildcat by being reluctant to forgive him and/or disregarded many of the café's rules, then he will provide a party-wide Maximum HP increase instead.


  • Bouncer (if instructions are not followed)
  • Wildcat
  • Witch (repeatable until the royal ring is retrieved)


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