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船着き場 Funatsukiba (Wharf)
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Wharf is a location in Breath of Fire III and is run by the Porter's Guild.


The party arrives at the Wharf in hopes of getting a boat ride to the Urkan Region so they can get to Angel Tower. However, there is no boat. In addition, at this time, the party witnesses the conflict resulting from the love triangle between Beyd, Zig, and Shadis. Zig initially seems to have the upperhand, easily pushing Beyd around before leaving with his pal Iggy. Beyd and Shadis explain the boat situation, with Shadis storming off briefly out of frustration, and the party tries to see if they can reach the Urkan Region by means of the road around Mt. Zublo. However, they discover the road is unusable as a result of the recent volcanic activity. This leaves the party with seemingly no way to reach Angel Tower.

At this time, Nina notices the love triangle between Beyd, Zig and Shadis, correctly deducing that Shadis is more fond of Beyd than Zig, but Beyd feels worthless to her, thus neither will admit their feelings for the other. She confronts Beyd and tries to convince him to propose to Shadis, even suggesting that the party trains him to become stronger. Beyd, at first, hastily refuses, but after Zig decides to fix the Lighthouse in order to impress Shadis, Beyd's resolve strengthens and asks the party to help him. After a number of late night training sessions, Zig and Beyd have a duel, in which Beyd wins, and he finally proposes to Shadis. The next day, however, Beyd is badly injured from his bout with Zig, making him unable to fix the Lighthouse, so the party volunteers to do it for them. After killing Gazer and meeting the fairies, Beyd and Shadis report that the boat is still unavailable, so the party is forced to use the secret route through the volcano.

During the Adolescent chapters, the party returns to the Wharf for the boat, needing it to reach Angel Tower once again. It's at this time that they see Shadis with her baby daughter, but tells them that the boat has, again, run into trouble. But this time the road around Mt. Zublo is clear, so the party has a safer route to Angel Tower. After freeing Deis and after Momo helps repair the ship, the boat takes them back here, allowing them free access to the boat whenever the party needs it. Zig volunteers (rather forcefully and loudly) to be their sailor, which Beyd agrees with, proving that they have since buried the hatchet. This becomes the boat's primary docking place until the party hijacks the Black Ship, thus ending the Wharf's role in the story.


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