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Warrior (ウォリアドラゴン, Uoriadoragon?, lit. "Warrior Dragon") is a dragon form that appears in Breath of Fire III. It can be upgraded into Myrmidon. The Warrior's basic sprite design was reused for Ryu's default dragon transformation in Breath of Fire IV and Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.


ウォリアドラゴン Uariadoragon (Warrior Dragon)
Warrior Form
HP 130%
AP variable
Abilities Aura
Elemental Strike
Required ForceGene Sprite
Pwr Def Agl Int
230% 120% 180% 100%
Flame Frost Electric
Earth Wind Holy
Psionic Status Death

Warrior is a dragon transformation which gives Ryu a dragon's wings, claws, lower body, and tail, while leaving his head and torso relatively human. The Warrior form encompasses a range of sub-types which are created by any gene combination that includes the Force Gene, but not the Failure, Fusion, Infinity, Miracle, or Trance Genes. Warrior forms tend to have slightly better HP than a Whelp and average defense, with very high attack power and speed. They also tend to focus solely on physical attacks, particularly Focus and Aura.

The Warrior is a very powerful and versatile dragon form on top of being cheap AP-wise. It can be used purely to attack relentlessly once enough buffs have been cast. It is possible to make an elemental Warrior for a small additional cost (by attaching any elemental Gene to the Force Gene), giving the Warrior access to the elemental strike associated with the gene.

Warriors are glass cannons, capable of solo-ing most bosses in the game. They benefit tremendously from offense-boosting buffs such as Speed, Might and War Shout. In spite of Ryu's versatility under Warrior form, he loses access to his buffing and healing spells. Therefore, it is advisable to have another member in the party who is able to cover these roles. Ryu also becomes quite squishy and without access to healing abilities or items, he will rely on the other party members to keep him alive.

ウォリアセカンド Uariasekando (Warrior Second)
HP 180%
AP 16 + 8 per Turn
Abilities Aura
Aura Breath
Flame Strike
Frost Strike
Holy Strike
Thunder Strike
Wind Strike
Required ForceGene Sprite TranceGene Sprite
Pwr Def Agl Int
300% 120% 150% 100%
Flame Frost Electric
2 2 2
Earth Wind Holy
2 2 5
Psionic Status Death
2 2 2

Upgraded form[]

An evolved golden-colored Warrior known as Myrmidon (ウォリアセカンド, Uoriasekando?, lit. "Warrior Second") can be created by combining the Force and Trance Genes. Myrmidon's HP andpower are increased over the Warrior's, however, it loses some of its agility. It gains a different assortment of abilities.

The Myrmidon is arguably one of the best dragon transformations for late-game, costing only 16 AP (8 AP per turn to maintain) and giving beneficial stat boosts everywhere. Since it's a cost-effective transformation, it is much more useful than the AP-heavy Kaiser for players who opted not to increase Ryu's AP with masters. Its Power modifier is higher than Kaiser's. Although it's not quite as fast as a regular Warrior, it is much more powerful and has access to Fire, Ice, Thunder and Holy Strike without being elemental itself. As Ryu loses access to buffs and heals, it is preferable to take a few turns casting Shield before transitioning into the Dragon transformation phase during boss fights.

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