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くじらみさき Kujira Misaki (Whale Cape)
Whale Cape

W.Cape is a location within Breath of Fire II.


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W.Cape was a tourist attraction adopted by a lower class family who used it as a way to sell Cake. The Cape is location south east of SimaFort. The player finds there way to the Cape after the events at SimaFort and use Jean to cross the lakes.

When the party gets there they will be greeted by a man and his family, this is the same man who was one of the prisoners of Trout. He asks if they would like to visit the Cape and lets the party through. They climb a down a long, narrow, pulsating tunnel and reach the bottom where Katt uses her staff to break open a gate leading to a hole, which the party jumps down.

There, they meet two dolphins, one blue and one pink, as well as a elderly man, they tell the party that what they're in is a sleeping whale called Grandpa, and that he swallowed a doll and hasn't be awake since then. The party then goes investigate and find the source of Grandpa issues and deal with it, and then go and wake Grandpa up which causes the end of W.Cape (which was Grandpa all along) to break off.

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