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    Not to be confused with Vitamins.
Vitamin (げんきだま, Genkidama?, lit. "Healthy Pill") is a recurring recovery item in the Breath of Fire series.


Breath of Fire III[]

Vitamin is a recovery item found in Breath of Fire III. Using it recovers 100 HP to a target.

Effect Restores 100 HP
Target Single
Purchased Wyndia Item Shop, Genmel Item Shop, Arena Item Shop, Rhapala Item Shop, Urkan Tapa Item Shop, Syn City Item Shop, Parch Item Shop, Kombinat Item Shop, Caer Xhan Item Shop, Faerie Village Item Shop (Ability), Faerie Village Item Shop (Speed)
Found Cedar Woods, McNeil Village, Road to Mt. Glaus, Outside McNeil Manor, Inside McNeil Manor (2), Coffee Shop, Meryleep's Pond, Dauna Mine, Wyndia Dungeons
Stolen Bomber, Bomb Seed, Clone, Gonghead, Lava Man, Pipe Bomb, Pooch
Dropped Eye Goo, Giant Roach, Puff Goo
Cost 50

Breath of Fire IV[]

Vitamin is a recovery item found in Breath of Fire IV. Using it will recover 800HP to the target.

Recovery Item Restores 800HP
Target Single
Purchased Astana, Shikk, Lyp, Koshka, Chiqua, Pauk, Chedo
Stolen Bad Coil, Ibomb, Legion, Rafresia, Scavengr, Zaurus, Loam
Dropped Flue Goo, GntRoach, Scorpion
Cost 100z