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教えたガール Oshieta gaaru (Teaching Girl)
Junk City

The Ventriloquist is a non-playable character that appears in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter. The player encounters her in numerous locations throughout their travels where she uses her various colored puppets to explain the mechanics of the game.

Role in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter[]

The party first encounters the Ventriloquist carrying her green puppet on the Lift to BioCorp 1 standing behind the lift with a green puppet. She will provide the player with information on combat tips such as using Fresh Meat to lure groups of enemies away to take them on in smaller groups or one-on-one and information on the "Giving Up" mechanic in the game where if things are getting tough the player can restart their game which will carry over the players XP, weapons, and skills over to the new game.

The player will met up again with the Ventriloquist and her green puppet on the Lift to BioCorp 2. This time she will teach the player on how to use and equip skills that they have found.

In Lift to BioCorp 3, she can be encountered once again, this time she will then teach the player about changing controls and gives and example with the attack button.

When encountered in Approach West, She will tell you about using escape and retreating. The penalties of retreating and what it does. 

Right after the lift is crashed because of Lin's rocket launcher, the Ventriloquist can be found right of the crash. This time she will teach the player about party XP, gaining XP and how to use the right analog stick to look around corners. Following this, she next appears in the Old Waste Shaft, where she will teach you how to use traps in a different manner.

After the player arrives in Junk City the Ventriloquist will act as a sort of merchant. The player can also encounter her at Lift: LowSector 1, where she will teach the player how to do combos.


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