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砂船の谷 Sunafune No Tani
Sandflier Valley2
South Desert; Eastern Continent
"The parts yer lookin' for are all buried in the sand. Yer gonna need a shovel t'dig 'em out. If'n ya have a dog that can scent them out, ya might be able t'find what yer looking for."
Old Man

The Valley, also known as the Sandflier Valley is a location in Breath of Fire IV.


Sandflier Valley man and dog

Old man and dog for minigame.

The Valley is, in reality, a sandflier graveyard, full of wrecked sandfliers. Ryu and Nina come here to find sandflier parts so the Sarai blackmarket can repair them into working order. This is so Nina can return to Cray to repair their own sandflier, which got damaged by Sa Ryong at the start of the game. In the depths of the valley lives an old man with his dog. He can loan both shovels and his dog for 25 Zenny each. The dog is able to sniff out anything that is buried in the sand, while the shovel is used to dig it out. However with each use, regardless if something is successfully dug up or not, the shovel weakens, making it more prone to breaking, thus several attempts may be needed in order to unearth all the items. Renting both the dog and shovel may be costly at this point in the game, but doing so helps minimize the amount of wasted attempts to dig up the parts and items. Once the sandflier parts are dug up, Ryu and Nina can return to Sarai, thereby ending this area's portion of the story.

Sandflier Valley parts

Sandflier parts found!

Later in the game, the player can return to this area if they want to dig up various scrap parts that can be crafted into armor for Ershin by the blacksmith in Mt. Glom, though one will generally only find things like Iron Scraps and Glass Shards. However, it's not a guarantee that the minigame will produce new items every time, so one needs to be careful in how much time is spent here, though by that point in the game, the player will have amassed a large amount of Zenny, so the cost won't be an issue.


Item Location
200 Zenny First screen; move rudder to the right to open the way to the chest on the lower level
Croc Tear First screen; behind torn sail towards the digging minigame.
Brass Helm Walk up the ladder insde the boat where have to operate the winch for the lift
Sage's Staff minigame
Flat Top minigame
Ship Parts minigame
Magic Shard minigame
Iron Scraps minigame,sometimes regenerates
Glass Shard minigame, sometimes regenerates


Eye Goo
Mage Goo


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