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バレリー Barerii (Valerie)
Sprite Valerie (Front)
Brood (BoFII)
Gate,Dologany (BoFII)
Maiden in the service of Dragon (BoFII)
Valerie is a character within Breath of Fire II. She is Ganer Bateson's wife and Ryu and Yua Bateson's mother.

Role in Breath of Fire IIEdit

Valerie is the mother of Ryu and Yua, as well as wife to Ganer Bateson. Her home is Dologany, which cannot be accessed until endgame, when the plot comes together. Despite being presumed dead, Valerie is not truly seen until near end-game. However, it is revealed that she was the large dragon guarding the town of Gate, increasing her importance as a character central to a hefty portion of the plot. The residents of Gate also mistake her for the demon causing the forests to decay. After Haburuku is defeated, she awakens and grants Ryu access to the secret being kept in Gate's mountains.

The reason for her doing so was to seal away the evil known as Deathevan and wait for a hero to appear before her. After years of waiting for her son Ryu to arrive as the Destined Child, she fulfilled her duty and sacrificed herself, opening the doors to Dologany, underground home of the Dragon Clan, and one of the last areas of the game.

She is also temporarily playable during the flashback sequence after talking to Martin, Ryu's grandfather, and the town's elder. During these events, she parts with her clansmen and arrives at Gate, where she investigates a church, the home of Father Ganer, her future husband and father of Yua/Patty and Ryu.


The only major ability used by Valerie is her dragon form, which allows her to become a gigantic dragon. Presented with visible wings, it is possible that she is able to fly, much like a member of the Wing Clan.


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