Update time! I new PV showing off some characters including some new ones have been released. You'll see some fight scenes including one with Klaus. Near the end you will notice that Nina shows her wings but also apparently helping out Klaus there is another member of the Wing Clan. 

Also more words on the release date, the demo run on Andriod will be done around summer or autumn and seems to be pushing for a release this year.

If you go take a look at the BoF6 site which has been largely updated you can see they have some new things like a map with clickable areas and a page for the different races you will see. I can't wait till I can add all this new info to the wiki.

There are also a few new characters that I will add to this blog once I get the names all figured out. You can go see them for yourself on the BoF6 site Here!

Breath of Fire 6 PV (Full Version)

Breath of Fire 6 PV (Full Version)

New characters are:

Steinberg - Leader of the Insidia Empire, Schwartz seems to be renamed to Insidia by the way



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