Breath of Fire IV Content Update Project

The goal of this project is to update and enhance the Breath of Fire IV Fishing and fishing Spot section of this wiki. This was the single-most defining game of my childhood that solidified my love for the franchise tremendously. I am currently replaying the game, but instead of consuming, I want to return something to the fandom as well. This is why I have decided to do my best to upgrade the wiki where I can. Originally the main project, now a side project.

Fishing Project Progress Tracker

Day 1 (28.4.2019):

Fishing has always been a major fun element for me in the Breath of Fire games. Revisiting the game, I wanted to once again set out to fish everything you can in the world of BoF IV. I don't do this purely for fun though, as I want to document my pursuits and enrich the wiki with my findings. The final goal is a comprehensive update to BoF IV fishing and fishing spot section.

Day 3:

Reached Ludia castle. Steady progress, about 20% finished. The Martian squid is still trolling me hard. I wish I had the Bamboo rod already. Well, can't be helped. Time to move on. Need to start cropping images and gather data for the wiki pages. Expect more progress soon.

Day 4:

Reached Shyde and just got the Sandflier. Story will progress after I have finished Mt. Giga.No new fishing spots so far.

Day 5 (for this project, 7.09.2019):

Reached Highway/Kwanso story section. Caught all fish, updated the entire bait section and uploaded images of all fishing spots. Also gathered screenshots and data on almost all fish. Plan to make a table with nice presentation of data eventually, not sure if I should make a huge one on the fishing spot page OR create individual pages for each fish type. They also appear in III partially so we could use one page for both III and IV. Need to ponder a bit more.

Next Step: create pages for the fish and upload screenshots, descriptions etc etc.

Status: Progress is halted since I've decided to upgrade and work on other sections of BoF IV content in parallel.

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