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Urkan Region
ウルカン地方 Urukan Chihou (Urkan Region)
Urkan Region

Urkan Region is a region of the world in Breath of Fire III.


After leaving Mt. Zublo, the party heads for Urkan Tapa to get permission to enter Angel Tower. Afterwards the party then enters angel tower, where Ryu is challenged alone by Garr in the basement, because Garr is a Guardian, also know as dragon slayer. The battle ends with Garr being defeated and Ryu going insane due to the souls of all the dead dragons around him, crying for revenge. Ryu then transforms into his Kaiser form and escapes though the ceiling.

After Ryu grew up, the party wants to contact god at Angel Tower, but is unable to do so. Deis contacts them and promises to bring them to god, if they free her. She also states, that the guardian Gaist would have the key to release her. After asking Sudama, Urkan Tapa's town elder, where Gaist is, the travel to him and free Deis. After they learned god's location, that they need a boat to travel there and that the Porter's Guild's boat is still out of order, the travel to Junk Town, where they meet Beyd, now guildmaster. Since the engine is broken and the Machines' Guild wasn't able to fix it yet, Momo is allowed to check and repair the engine. After getting permission from the chief of the machines guild, the party (minus Momo) then goes to Steel Beach to look for the needed parts. Momo then repairs the engine, allowing the boat to depart for Rhapala, where it is turned over to the party as a thanks for repairing it.

With a boat acquired, the party then tries to cross the Outer Sea, which fails royally due to the waves being bigger than the boat itself. Zig, the party's coxswain, then suggests to find the legendary mariner, a mariner told to have crossed the ocean. But since it's a legend, Zig doesn't even know, if this mariner even exists (duh!), and suggests asking the mayor of Parch, as he seems to be the only person who actually knows something about the legendary mariner. After meeting the mayor, and making him some Shisu, they get a seamap, with which they are able to find the legendary mariner. He then tells them, that he actually is from the other side and got here as a stowaway on the black ship.

The party then eventually decides to ram the black ship, as this is the only idea that works for getting onto it. After taking over the ship, they then leave towards the other side of the ocean.

Notable Locations[]


The ??? gene can be found in a hut by a fishing spot west of Steel Beach.


There are two Manillo shops available in this region.

Urkan Region Manillo store
East to southeast of Mt. Zublo
Item Fish 1 Fish 2 Fish 3
Wisdom Ring Angler X1 Black Porgy X2 Sea Bream X2
Lion's Belt MartianSquid X2 Bass X2 Sea Bass X4
Ginseng MartianSquid X1 Octopus X2 Sea Bass X3
Caro Sea Bream X3
Frog Sea Bream X3
Top Octopus X2
Hanger Octopus X2
Skill Ink Black Porgy X1 Angler X1

Urkan Region Manillo store
Far west of steel beach
Item Fish 1 Fish 2 Fish 3
Demonsbane Spearfish X1 Black Bass X2
Aries Spear Spearfish X1 Sea Bass X9 Sea Bream X9
Heavy Caro Devilfish X1 MartianSquid X1 Octopus X2
Fat Frog Devilfish X1 MartianSquid X1 Octopus X2
Dogwalker Devilfish X1 MartianSquid X1 Octopus X2
Deep Diver Devilfish X1 MartianSquid X1 Octopus X2
Skill Ink Octopus X2 Devilfish X1

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