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Unrevisitable locations are locations that become permanently inaccessible to the player after a certain point in the game. This can become a problem for completionists who strive to earn every possible achievement in a game, who must access these areas in order to deal with anything that must be investigated before they become inaccessible.

Breath of Fire[]

  • The second floor of Ryu's house in Drogen cannot be revisited after you've gone down the stairs in the opening.
  • Nanai and the Gaia Temple are destroyed by a massive earthquake after you take the Earth Key from the Quake Control and escape.
  • Camlon is rebuilt after Nina joins the party and can no longer be accessed in its ruined state.
  • Tuntar is destroyed by the Stone Robot when the Dark Dragons commandeer it during Terry and Amelia's wedding. The Stone Robot sacrifices itself after you defeat the Gremlin, and thus becomes inaccessible.
  • Mogu's and Mote's dreamscapes become inaccessible after you've defeated their respective bosses.
  • South Castle is sucked into a time warp after you get the Time Key from Cerl.
  • Scande is destroyed after Tyr is freed and Obelisk rises, at which point the second half of Pagoda also becomes inaccessible.

Breath of Fire II[]

  • The lower caves on Mt. Fubi are blocked off once you've pushed the rock at the summit.
  • The well in Capitan fills with water and can no longer be accessed once you defeat Terapin and tell Ray that you've rescued the villagers.
  • JahWoods, including Granny's house, burns down after Ryu's dragon powers are awakened.
  • You can no longer enter the toilet in the Wildcat Restaurant once you've acquired the Royal Ring. The entry passage and grill can only be visited before you've defeated Wildcat.
  • Grandpa's stomach becomes inaccessible once he wakes up.
  • Highfort can only be accessed after you've freed Spar from the carnival and before you've acquired the Famous Flute.
  • The southwestern town in Gandaroof's dreamscape transforms into Memory Tower when you talk to the child in the northern town who mentions the tower. The entire dreamscape becomes inaccessible once you've defeated Aruhamel and exited.
  • Evrai, including the Grand Church and JackDoor, is destroyed after the battle with the Guardeyes.

Breath of Fire III[]

Breath of Fire IV[]

  • The lower portion of the Cliff cannot be accessed again after leaving it.
  • The black market in Sarai becomes inaccessible after the encounter with Rasso.
  • The Dam can no longer be accessed after it has been flooded.
  • Deis' memories become inaccessible once completed.
  • The shops and inn in Kyoin cannot be visited again after going through the causeway.
  • The shops and inn in Chek cannot be visited again after completing chapter II.
  • The Imperial base in Astana becomes hexed once you've acquired the Dragonslayer and can no longer be accessed in its unhexed state.
  • The crater where Nina finds Ryu in the beginning of the game cannot be revisited.
  • Soma cannot be entered after it has been hexed by the Fou Empire.

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter[]

  • All teleporters in Centre are one-way, meaning that it's impossible to return to a previous floor.
  • It is also impossible to return to the rest of Sheldar once you've boarded the transport from PowerOne to Centre.