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トゥルボー Turuboo (Turvoe)

Trubo is a non-playable character and boss enemy that appears in Breath of Fire II, where he is a soldier from Highfort. Prior to Sten's disappearance, he was Trubo's commanding officer and the two of them fought side by side in the Goonheim War.

Role in Breath of Fire II[]

Trubo and Sten fought together in the Goonheim War, during which Sten vanished and his fellow Highlanders believed him to have died in battle. Highfort's princess, Elforan, was particularly devastated upon the news of Sten's death. This particularly pained Trubo as he was in love with the Princess, but she had eyes only for Sten, even after his supposed death. When Sten returns to Highfort, revealing that he is still alive, Trubo vents his frustrations by forcing Sten to fight him. When Sten proves victorious in battle, Trubo's temper is cooled and he reveals that, during Sten's absence, a mysterious outsider, Shupkay, rapidly rose through the political ranks to become General of Highfort. Trubo reveals that Shupkay now effectively runs the country and is trying to weaponize the castle, but requires a member of the royal family to do so. He fears that this may put Princess Elforan in danger. Utilizing "Formation P" from their military days together, he and Sten devise a plan to rescue the princess. However, during the rescue attempt Trubo comes into contact with a force field and is severely injured. Despite this, Trubo makes it to the control room and attempts to shut the castle's machinery down, while Sten and the party defeat Shupkay, who is revealed to have been a demon. Following Shupkay's defeat, Sten is briefly believed again to be dead, but Trubo follows the party to the castle entrance and finds Sten alive. The two awkwardly talk about their survivor's guilt from the Goonheim War, where so many of their friends and fellow soldiers died. Trubo makes peace with Sten's past actions. He tells Sten that he knows he is a good man and that he and Princess will await his return.

In Battle[]

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Trubo's Japanese name literally translates to the English word "turbo," meaning an increase in speed. This could be a reference to the fact that the battle against Trubo must be completed quickly. His name is translated as "Torubo" in battle and as ""Turvoe P" in the game's end credits.