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Trout is a minor antagonist in Breath of Fire II. He is the richest man in HomeTown.


Trout is an obese elderly man with blond hair, who wears regal clothing. However, his human appearance is a mask and his true form he is large overweight reptilian creature possessing a long tail, several small arms, and what appear to be golden whiskers emerging from a wide face. He also has green eyes, and green spikes line his back. He has a purple segmented abdomen.


Trout is infamous for his massive greed, his ruthless streak, his vengeful nature and his stingy treatment. He is an evil man who seeks to increase his fortune at others expenses and is repudiated for under paying his servants. Many in the town fear him for his iron fist-like cruelty and believe him to engage in criminal activity despite him professing otherwise.

In truth he is a gangster who regularly employs thieves to rob others of their belongings and add them to his possessions, even going as far as rob humble people of their own riches and ditch everyone he deems useless into his personal dungeon. His bottomless greed eventually serves as the catalyst that transforms him into a Demon and later proves as his downfall.


Trout is known as HomeTown's richest man, a position he has cemented over the years, although the town has always viewed him with suspicion. He is feared for cruelty and greed and for carrying long grudges. Despite claiming his fortunes all legitimate, the bulk of them are stolen possessions, although nobody was ever able to prove it. His insatiable greed ultimately turned him into a Demon through Deathevan's influence.

At some point Kilgore was robbed of his Whisper Hood by Trout and he hires Bow to retrieve it. He accepts and goes alone not wanting to interrupt Ryu's sleep. Things go awfully wrong when Bow stumbles upon Patty who was also on a personal agenda of robbing Trout, causing a misunderstanding in which Bow is framed for Patty's crime, causing Bow to become a wanted man, forcing Bow to take refuge in Township.

Following the events in SimaFort, Ryu successfully catches Patty and takes her to Trout to clean Bow's name. Patty immediately accuses Trout of being an evil man who has thieves serving him on his dungeon. Ryu investigates and finds nothing, so Trout promptly has them retreat from his manor.

Kilgore appears and seeks to apologize to Bow for the troubles he caused but requests Bow's help once more as he is still suspicious of Trout. Bow accepts as he too feels something is amiss and decided to go alone, although Ryu can insist to go with him or not depending on the player's choice.

Bow and Ryu storm into Trout's manor at night and try to find proof of Trout's misconduct, looking in the basement but still finding nothing. Suddenly Trout approaches forcing the two to hide, which reveals a secret passage. The duo venture and find a dungeon filled with prisoners robbed or tricked by Trout and ultimately Patty herself tied to a wall, thus exposing Trout as a criminal. Trout himself appears and proposes they serve him, but Bow refuses so Trout morphs into his Demon form to fight them but is defeated in utter disbelief that he could not possess all the riches of the world he desired before exploding.


Trout is fought as a Boss in Breath of Fire II. He can either be fought by Bow alone or Bow and Ryu depending on the player's choices. He has rather low HP to compensate for the lack of party members and Bow's level disparity. His attacks can steal money from the player, further cementing his greed.