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Trinity is an an organization that appears in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.

Trinity is an organization opposed to Deep Earth's government. The government in turn sees them as little more than a terrorist group. They act as an anti-government establishment, lead by the former Regent Mebeth. Lin is a member.

The group investigates the government and tries to expose their atrocities. Their activities include regularly harrassing BioCorp and the Rangers as well as posting anti-government propaganda throughout Sheldar. The organization is opposed to the D-Ratio system and, as such, all Trinity members renounce their D-Ratio and keep them hidden.

Unbeknownst to both the members of Trinity and the general populace, Trinity is actually an organization created by the Regents to serve as an outlet for the frustrations and ant-government sentiment among Sheldar's working class. The catharsis which the populace experience from Trinity's activities, which never actually pose any substantial threat to the government, keeps the people of Sheldar subdued enough that no true revolutionary movements ever form.

Known Members[]

  • Lin
  • Mebeth (Leader)
  • Servu