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塔 Tou (Tower)
Eastern Wyndia

The Tower is a location in Breath of Fire III. It is Momo's home and laboratory which she previously shared with her father Repsol.

The tower is infested with monsters and Machine Soldiers which have been drawn there by Momo and Repsol's experimentation with Chrysm. Because of this, the pair filled the tower with logic-based traps and puzzles which are unsolvable by monsters and machines. In this way, both they and their research is protected.

The Tower includes several laboratories and libraries for Momo's research. Information on Honey and Momo's research in general can be found on many of the bookshelves around the tower. Her father's office is at the very top of the tower. Both Repsol's office library and Momo's bedroom are chock-a-block with x-rated adult reading material for reasons that are never explained.


Ryu and Nina flee to the Tower after escaping from Genmel, as Balio & Sunder are chasing them. Ryu and Nina enter the tower, avoiding and solving traps. They interrupt Momo in the middle of an experiment, along with her pet mechanical assistant Honey. She helps them escape in a rocket that her father is said to have made. This crashes just outside of the Tower after it's launched, presumably due to the weight of three passengers instead of the prescribed one.

The Tower is never revisited again during the story.

The Crystal Mini-Game[]

To solve this optional mini-game, you'll need access to the Tower, and Nina must be the party leader so you can use her wand. You'll notice that in the outside courtyard in front of the tower, there is a pool of water surrounded by four small crystals with a treasure chest in it. Head through either door near the pool and head up this path to reach a large crystal. If you light up the crystal with Nina's magic wand, a timer will start running, and you will have 30 seconds to go back outside and light up the four smaller crystals as fast as you can. The catch is, a laser beam will prevent you from going out the short way. In order to get back to the four crystals outside, you'll have to go up the stairs to the left, and come back out from the first exit you come across. It's a good idea to explore the path you'll need to take before trying to complete the mini-game.

If you can complete the mini-game in the allotted 30 seconds, the pool will drain, and the chest will be filled with one of three treasures depending on how well you did. Each treasure can be obtained once. To reset the game after successfully completing it, simply exit back to the main map and then re-enter the Tower.

Treasure Results[]

< 5.00

Seconds remaining

5.00 - 5.99

Seconds Remaining

> 5.99

Seconds Remaining

MultiVitamin Wisdom Fruit Ring of Ice



Notable Residents[]

  • Momo
  • Honey
  • Repsol


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