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皇帝墓所 Koutei Bosho (Emperor's Tomb)
Zhinga Mts.; Western Continent
"Canst thou not sense it? This prescence... 'Tis far...And still slumbering... But 'tis what we have sought lo these many ages."
Fou-Lu to Won-qu upon awakening

The Tomb is a location in Breath of Fire IV. It serves as sepulcher for the god-emperor Fou-Lu. Having forged an empire, he chose this as his place of rest, where he would await the return on his other half. The place is guarded by the Shishi Won-qu.


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The Tomb is the sepulcher in which Fou-Lu rested for 600 years, until he was awoken by the advent of his other half. Won-qu waited by the tomb for his master's return and was ordered to protect it as he left. He decides to make his way to the capital to reclaim his throne.

On his way, he encounters a small regiment of soldiers who speak of a dragon that is supposed to appear during this night. Fou-Lu, amused by their banter, asks them what they would do, facing such a force of nature. Upon stating that they would kill it, Fou-Lu merely laughs and summons Astral. He unleashes his breath attack and burns the soldiers, leaving only charred ground behind. He proceeds on his way, only to be stopped by General Yohm of the Fou Imperial Army. He is well aware about the nature of Fou-Lu and states that he wants to dispatch him, a relic of a past long gone, while he is still in a weakened state. He summons one of his minions, Kham, which is a fire element monster.

Foulu initial scene meeting with yohm attacking fou

Yohm's cowardly trap.

Fou-Lu has water element and despite this weakness, he easily overpowers the creature and ends the fight without breaking into a sweat. Yohm expected this outcome, however Fou-Lu leaps backwards into the forest and makes his escape. Yohm orders his troops to use burning arrows to set the forest ablaze. He then waits at a hanging bridge for Fou-Lu's arrival, attacking him with a partially summoned Kham that hits him with its flame claws, destroying the bridge in the process. Fou-Lu, now heavily injured, falls into the chasm and gets carried away by the river. He is later found by the former soldier Bunyan, now a woodcutter, who tends to his wounds and nurses him back to health.

Ryu, Nina and the party return here later in the story. Since there was an incident at Kwanso, they cannot proceed to Chedo. They take a detour from Pauk via the Tomb to Mukto. Subsequently, they head to Astana, still searching for Elina.

As they head up to the entrance, they are greeted by Won-qu, Fou-Lu's guardian, who awakens from its stone slumber. He attacks the party and a fierce fight ensues. With blows exchanged and Won-qu's defeat, the party can now proceed further into the tomb.

Their way is perilous and in addition to monsters, stone pillars and cubes with ancient magic obstruct their path. They proceed deeper into the sepulcher and procure two beads, which allow them to proceed even deeper into the grave. Finally, they fight two powerful cubes. Won-qu appears again and amazed by their strength, gives them his gem.

With this final boon up their sleeves, they return to the central room and trigger an ancient mechanism that transports them to Mukto, where a gravestone opens up and reveals the secret passage. Finally, the journey can continue.

Fou-Lu's Story[]


Item Location
Ambrosia On the second level of the tomb; chest can be reached after descending stairs
Wisdom Seed second screen, before Kham fight - short detour to north, inside bag
SuperVitamin during escape sequence, circle around burning log in the beginning



Ryu's Story[]

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Item Location
Vitamins bottom of initial descent,near elevator, first screen in chest
Bead on pedestal, puzzle room, align cubes ot reach it, crumbles after return to central room
Electrifier treasure chest, puzzle room, align cubes ot reach it
Dragon Scale after bead crumbles, follow linear path into other room; semi-hidden door on dark path, adjust camera
Bead (two separate finds) one inside room with colored blocks; another inside room with rolling die,crumbles after return to central room
5000z chest inside room with die
Napalm(2x) linear path towards dice fight, left at junction to semi-hidden room, inside chest
Won-qu's Gem after dice fight, on floor


Enemy Remark
Egg Gang outside
Gold Gang outside, good zenny grinding opportunity
Morph outside
Zaurus outside
Death Bot inside
Guardian inside
Chopam indisde
Berserker inside
Morph Goo inside
Won-qu Boss

Significance within the Overall Plot[]

Fou-Lu is the stronger, dominant half of a divine being called the Yorae Dragon, a godly being that appears only once in several centuries. Those godly entities are known as Endless who are transported into the world of Breath of Fire IV by the Spell of Evocation, a well guarded secret kept my the mediums in Chek on the Eastern Continent. On the Western Continent, humans tried to come up with their own version of evocation, however it was an imperfect summoning that split the Yorae Dragon into two halves - Fou-Lu and Ryu (Breath of Fire IV).

Despite being imperfect, Fou-Lu is strong enough to forge an empire, uniting several territories on the Western Continent, eventually serving as the first emperor of a dynasty that will become known as Fou Empire. He eventually retreats to his Tomb where he falls into a slumber, awaiting the coming of his other half. He also commands two Komainu (aka Shishi), one of which guards his tomb.

During the plot exposition of Breath of Fire IV, Nina finds a naked man in the Crater in the North Desert. The man is no other than Ryu, the imperfect half of the Yorae Dragon, who was "born" into the world centuries after Fou-Lu's initial summoning. The current Fou Empire is led by its 13th head Soniel, which suggests roughly six centuries must have passed since Fou-Lu's advent

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