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Tokuro Fujiwara (藤原 得郎 Fujiwara Tokuro), sometimes credited under the pseudonyms Professor F and Arthur King (A.K.), is a Japanese video game designer who works at Capcom. He was the producer of both the original Breath of Fire and Breath of Fire II.


Fujiwara served as general manager of Capcom's Consumer Division from 1989-1996. He produced what are probably his best known creations during this time including the Mega Man and Ghosts 'n Goblins video game franchises. After a thirteen year career at Capcom, he left to form his own studio, Whoopee Camp, where he produced the games Tomba! and Tomba 2. Following the dissolution of Whoopee Camp in 2000, Fujiwara founded another video game studio, Deep Space. Its sole title would be the 2001 game Extermination. He returned to Capcom in 2005, where has since worked as a consultant and director.

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