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Breath of Fire II Boss
ティガ Tiga (Tigger)
Infinite Infinite
Off Def Magic Vuln
310 120 -1
Agi Luck Immunity
200 50 -
EXP Coins
1 1
Location CotLnd
Drop Herb
Drop rate 0
Abilities -
Type -


After having the Evidence stolen by Patty after solving the hidden room puzzle in Thieve's Tomb, Patty, Tiga's Sponsor returns to CotLnd upon re-entry in the Barn. Tiga thanks you for your effort. Before the "quest" was started, a heart icon appeared over Tiga, as he has a love interest for Katt. Once Katt asks if Tiga will fight by their side as promised, Tiga agrees under one condition. As Tiga approaches Katt from around the table, asking for him to marry her. Katt is shocked about the very sudden question as she keeps backing away from him, as it is noted both Tiga and Katt are from the same tribe, but Tiga has his own reasons. Katt goes near Ryu, then Tiga approaches him as well, as Tiga is confused by this, thinking that Katt is taken by Ryu as Katt quickly tells Tiga that they're just friends. Tiga is aware this isn't the smart way to approach having a relationship with Katt, he is still very insistent about it. Because Ryu's disapproval, this is near the battle scene.

They are taken outside the Barn as Katt is still trying to get Tiga to stop, as she explains that she's only friends with Ryu. When Tiga asks Ryu if he's really friends with Katt, being truthful, he asks if the marriage is okay with you, and if you say yes again, then the fight can be avoided.

There are two ways in this dialogue to start the boss fight. If you are not truthful in the first question, the fight starts, and if you object to the wedding as both dialogue from Tiga saying;

"..I agree. Let's fight."

A one-on-one fight between Ryu and Tiga begins right after the dialogue.


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Tiga is unbeatable by normal means, and the battle is intended to end in a forced defeat. Although the game's code shows Tiga to have 65,535 HP, in reality the game is not capable of processing that value and simply treats this number as being infinite. As such, no matter how much damage the player causes to Tiga, it's impossible for him die without hacking the game or cheating (like using cheat code 05A449=7F which gives Tiga 65,534 HP, so 1 HP less, which will be processable by the game and thus making him to the strongest enemy in the game). Hackers have demonstrated, by giving Tiga a lower number of HP, that if the player does defeat him then the result is the exact same as if the player had lost the fight.

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