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There's Something Here is a song that appears Breath of Fire II. It is the music that is played in many of the game's dungeons. It is first heard by the player in ShowCave, after leaving Gate during the beginning of the game.

In addition to its use in ShowCave, the song also plays in the following areas:

  1. Mt. Rocko
  2. TagWoods
  3. DeadAmze
  4. Capitan Well
  5. Woods
  6. WitchTwr
  7. SimaFort Basement
  8. The Secret Cave behind the Waterfall
  9. Inside Grandpa the Whale at W.Cape
  10. UpaCave
  11. OwlWoods
  12. Highfort Dungeon
  13. Mt. Maori Caves
  14. Queen's Body
  15. Memory Tower
  16. Fog Valley
  17. SkyTower
  18. Namanda
  19. OpsTower
  20. SkyCave
  21. JackDoor
  22. Bando

The title of the song initially ended with ellipses ("There's Something Here..."), but was updated by Capcom to "There's Something Here" with the release of the Breath of Fire II Sound Collection on Steam.