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The Journey Begins - Breath of Fire is a song that appears in the original Breath of Fire.

This track is the first overworld / world map music track in Breath of Fire. It plays on the world map until the volcano lava south of Tantar hardens due to the Stone Robot destroying itself in the volcano. After this event, Distant View replaces it as the overworld music.

This track first plays in Drogen after Esma conjures up a blue treasure chest for Ryu, just before he leaves Drogen and the world map is entered for the first time. "The Journey Begins - Breath of Fire" replaces the third and final world map music track Expedition after the events of the towers north of Agua, near the end of the game.

The track was credited to Mari Yamaguchi by lead composer Yasuaki Fujita on his personal blog on June 11, 2011. In his blog, he recalls falling into a slump after having trouble composing a world map theme for the game, and commends Yamaguchi for bringing him out of that slump with this particular track, calling it a "masterpiece".[1]

This track is re-introduced in Breath of Fire II, where it was arranged by Yuko Takehara and re-titled "Breath of Fire". Takehara also included part of the motif from this theme in the Breath of Fire II ending credits / staff roll, "Thank You, Everyone".

The title of the track was initially translated as "Starting the Journey ~Breath of Fire~", which was updated by Capcom to "The Journey Begins - Breath of Fire" with the release of the Breath of Fire Sound Collection on Steam.