Breath of Fire II Boss
ゴンチャロヴ Goncharovu (Goncharoff)
1300 100
Atk Def Ms
66 33 -1
Agi Luck Immunity
32 20 -
300 500
Location DryWell
Drop Herb
Drop rate 0
Abilities FireBrth
Element -
Info -

Terapin is a boss found in Breath of Fire II.


Terapin is (somehow) responsible for causing the well in Capitan to dry. It also uses Chirorus to attack and/or control villagers in the well. After fighting Terapin the party is given an opportunity to save villagers before water fills the well again.


This is probably one of the most difficult battles the party has yet encountered. If the party's levels are too low then Terapin's FireBrth and quaking attack will damage each member for more than half their max HP, which will quickly lead to their defeat. Its "regular" attack, launching one of the globules from its back, also causes serious damage to one party member. Its Brainwav attack doesn't damage a character directly, but causes that character to attack one party member (possibly themselves); Brainwav also cancels its target's action if they haven't acted yet.

Since most of Terapin's attacks to serious damage, the most important thing is keeping the party's HP as high as possible. Depending on how high their levels are (15 being high), buying more than 20 Herbs would be advisable. Moreover, Katt and Sten can heal party members before Terapin acts.

Sten won't have Flame at this point unless he has done some grinding, so he should use Bomb when he's not healing. Ryu will likely act after Terapin, so he should either heal a character who's not likely to fall after the next attack (using Cure to save on Herbs) or attack and Nina has good damage, especially if she has S.Boom, and Brainwav is less effective with her lower Pwr.

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