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"All I know is... By getting closer to God, I'm getting closer to that age. The Age of Machines.."
— Momo about Myria

The Techno Age is a time period mentioned in Breath of Fire III. It is supposedly the period when the need for Machines was the greatest and the world's technology was at its most advanced. It is suspected that Portal Drives were created during this age.


The Techno Age, was an ancient, almost forgotten time era in which technology developed at an astounding rate, with all kinds of machinery being developed during this time. Caer Xhan the apex of civilization, resembled a modern day city with paved streets, lights powered through electricity, stores with automatic doors, and a multitude of robots operating in the city (Honey and robots of the same model were developed during ths time, although these weren't the only ones). Topping it off, was the Station Myria and orbital station floating above the world tied to a massive elevator, full of technology like conveyor belts, automatic doors, security systems along others. The Portal Drives, technology that allowed teleportation through vast and distant parts of the world, were also developed in this time period, with its development seemingly tied to the Goddess Myria herself.

Although the technological progress was in itself impressive, it also proved to be fatal. The incredible development rate, also caused civilization to develop catastrophically powerful weapons of war, which were eventually used for genocidal results. The destruction caused by the ensuing war forced Myria to take sweeping action to control the damage. As the destruction spread, so did the desertification process risking to ravage the entirety of the world and plunge into death. To prevent such an outcome, Myria used her divine powers to split the world in two, one less developed but sufficiently populous portion, and the one where the war originated through the Outer Sea, creating a natural barrier that would make it nigh impossible for both sides to reach other, leaving what would be known as the Desert of Death contained and sparing the world at large from self-destruction, although there were survivors from the war who managed to settle around the aforementioned wasteland, although with far less technological development in general.

The remaining part of the world would remain largely unaware of the true circumstances of this era, with only modest knowledge and records left behind of its technological prowess which would be the subject of study of some engineers and scholars, but without full comprehension of the precise historical details. Knowing technology was fundamental for survival, Myria allowed the bare minimum of technology to pass through the Outer Sea via the Black Ship, a massive marine transport sufficiently large to traverse the Outer Sea and onto the Urkan Region centrally on Junk Town, that would receive periodical drops of scrap. This was a deliberate on Myria's part as it would allowed the populace to still enjoy the benefits of technology but would be limited to study and develop only on ancient, largely inoffensive machinery, therefore depriving the world of the ambition to develop greater, more powerful technological innovations and thus prevent a repetition of the previous outcome. The current society, however, lacked the means to produce the energy to power up the machines as it was done before, so Myria developed a solution to this problem, Chrysm, the crystallized remnants from the living bestowed with her blessings, would function as the central energy source of the new, largely medieval world, providing it with self-sustenance and thereby keeping it coddled and protected from itself, although the world would remain ignorant of Myria's involvement for centuries.

With most remnants of the techno age fundamentally decayed, only the Station Myria itself would remain functional if still in a lesser state of disrepair and abandonment, but still apparently maintained by robots. The Station's deepest layer is full of computers all of which have recorded the historical events and archive the Goddess' action for would be visitors to learn about coupled with world images, thus hinting that the Station is capable of global surveillance. Interestingly enough a Chimera is seen in stasis, largely through cryogenic sleep, evidencing that the generics and bio-engineering were also studied and practiced during the Techno Era, although to a possible far less scale than conventional weaponry. Strangely enough, barring the path to the Goddess herself is a labyrinthine path full of clones of the bosses faced during the main game by the player. It is unlikely that these could have been developed during the Techno Age itself as the originals didn't exist, possibly showing they were somehow developed by Myria as a last means of defense, or were created by the still operating robots for unknown purposes.

Following the definitive destruction of Myria at the hands of Ryu and his party, the Station Myria collapses on its entirety. This coupled with the fact that Chrysm is likely to no longer be a functional energy source now with the Goddess no longer able to bless it, could potentially spark the permanent end of all the technology born from the Techno Age, and a transition now to a completely new time period.

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