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タタールむら Tataaru Mura (Tatar Village)
Tantar drought

Tantar is a town that appears in the original Breath of Fire. It is located between its sister city Tuntar and Wyndia and is on the west side of the Dry River. Is is primarily inhabited by Wolba, although there are also human and Iron Ogre residents, and its inhabitants are known to as the Forest Clan.[1] The Forest Clan built Tantar after the Dark Dragons drove them from their original home. Over the course of the game, its populace merges with that of Tuntar.


A pair of a viaducts lead into the community and serve to connect the town's agricultural holdings and residential districts. Housing in Tantar consists of a mix of wooden thatched roof buildings and stone ones, while a cobblestone road leads connects the towns various residences and main points of interest.

Role in Breath of Fire[]

Prior to Ryu and Nina's arrival in the region, the Dark Dragons blocked off the river between Tuntar and Tantar in order to get the Ring from the Forest Clan. At one point, a group of warriors from Tuntar drove the Dark Dragon army back into Lament Woods. When Ryu's group first arrived in Tantar, they learn that the Dark Dragons blocked off the river to get the Forest Clan's treasure, the Ring. Torn being not wanting the Dark Dragons to obtain the Ring and a concern for Tuntar's populace, Tantar's Chief is at a loss on what to do. After the River is restored Tantar's Chief decides to let Ryu keep the Ring and gives him the key to the Lake Shrine. While Ryu and his group are away, the villagers of both Tantar and Tuntar prepare for Terry and Amelia's wedding. When Ryu's party returns, the wedding begins. During the wedding, a Dark Dragon General steals the Stone Robot and destroys Tuntar. He orders the Stone Robot to destroy Tantar as well, but it stops moving. Ryu and his group stop the Robot, saving Tantar yet again. The Forest Clan takes pity on the villagers of Tuntar and allow them to stay in Tantar.



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Dragon Shrine Yes

Inn 60 zenny

Weapon Shop[]

Sabre 400 zenny
BronzRP 800 zenny
ShortBW 1000 zenny
Scythe 1200 zenny
Bandana 400 zenny
BronzeSH 500 zenny
SuedeAR 750 zenny
Visor 800 zenny

Notable Residents[]

  • Tantar's Chief
  • Terry
  • Bo
  • Master Fisherman (temporarily)


  1. Capcom, 1994. Breath of Fire (English Release). Tantar Resident: "This is Tantar. We are the Forest Clan."
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