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Dragons of War is a Breath of Fire III crossover card expansion for the GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. mobile card battle game, TEPPEN which released on July 1, 2021.

Announced on June 18, 2021 via the official TEPPEN Twitter account, Dragons of War introduces new character cards, a Nina EX Skin for Jill Valentine, an updated Chronicles mission showcasing the Nina EX Skin, and a story that reimagines events from Breath of Fire III while incorporating characters from Monster Hunter Riders, and Mega Man X. As such, the events of Dragons of War take place outside of the main timeline of the Breath of Fire series. Both the trailer and the Chronicles mission feature a remix of Battle for Tomorrow, the boss theme from Breath of Fire III.

On July 4th, a Nina Hero Skin for Jill Valentine was released and can be randomly awarded when the game's Anniversary Pack 1 is purchased from the TEPPEN shop with crystals, the game's paid currency. This Nina Hero Skin includes unique special moves, or Hero Arts, entitled "Bonds of Trust", "Charm", and "Meditation". Nina is voiced by Abby Trott in the game's English release, with Kyoko Hikami, who has voiced Nina since Breath of Fire III, reprising her role in the Japanese version. This marks the first time that a Breath of Fire character was given an official English voice actor.


"Hundreds of years ago lived the Brood—a race of dragons with world-rending power. Fearing their strength, a goddess condemned them. She ordered the extermination of the Brood. The goddess imbued an ancient sword with unimaginable power. She entrusted that power to a masked knight and bade him drive the Brood to the brink.

Humans who coexisted with the Brood, known as Riders, took up arms against the goddess. However, those Brood possessing sentience gave no resistance, and laid down their lives. Seeing this, a guardian tasked with the Brood's extermination began to doubt his mission.

As the sentient Brood neared extinction, a boy was born. He was Brood, through and through. Moved by the boy's bonds with his comrades, the troubled guardian led him to confront the goddess.

...Did the Brood truly have to be destroyed?

At the end of their long journey, the truth will finally be revealed."


Ryu - Hope of the Brood: A survivor of the sentient dragons known as the Brood, who were thought to be extinct.Guided by Garr, he goes on a journey to meet the Goddess Myria.

Mary - Rathalos Kin: A Rider from an indigenous tribe that has lived with dragons for generations. To protect the dragons from extinction, she fights back against the Goddess Myria.

Garr: One of the Guardians–beings that were bestowed a portion of the Goddess Myria's power. Questioning his mission, he ventures forth to find the Goddess Myria in search of the truth.

Goddess Myria: A goddess who protects the world. Fearing the world-ruining powers of the Brood, she declares dragons too dangerous to be left alive. Commanding beings blessed with her power known as Guardians, and remnants of an anicent civilation called Mechaniloids, she strives to about the destruction and massacre of all dragons.

Card List[]

TEPPEN Dragons of War - Breath of Fire III Cards
Card Image No. Card Name (English) Card Name (Japanese) Flavor Text (English) Artist
DOW 006 Honey ハニー The little robot raced through the castle.

Its master had no interest in anything besides her own research, so the ever-dutiful robot was accustomed to spending most of its energy taking care of the more mundane tasks of life.

William Liu
DOW 010 Momo モモ Hmm? It doesn't matter if I miss a few shots.

With this bazooka, one hit is all it takes...

And I'll hit sooner or later. Ooh! See? Got 'em!

DOW 010, Secret Momo モモ Ugh...

Whew! That woke me up!

Peco fell right on top of me!

DOW 013 Winged Princess Nina 白翼の王女 ニーナ I don't need to understand everything about the Goddess, or about good and evil.

I've believed in you all this time, and I'm going to keep believing in you.

DOW 013, Secret Winged Princess Nina 白翼の王女 ニーナ A mysterious power gently delivered her down to the ground...and a nostalgic feeling tickled at her back.

"I'm the princess of this kingdom, so I've got to be brave enough to try anything!"



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