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セネスタ Senesuta
North Desert; Eastern Continent
"We were heading toward the town of Synesta, the last known location of my sister, Elina."
Nina during prologue scene

Synesta is a location in Breath of Fire IV. It is a town located on the Eastern Continent. Notable for taking the brunt of the damage in the war between the Alliance and the Fou Empire, Synesta is in the process of a slow recovery. Hit by a hex at some point, the lower sections of the town are still contaminated and off-limits. It is home to several important characters, and the last known location of Nina's sister, Princess Elina, who visited the town on a goodwill mission, during which she visited the local orphanage.


Synesta Orphanage

Party at the orphanage.

Ryu, Nina, Cray and Ershin finally arrive at Synesta after using the underground passage that leads from Kyria to the city well. The town is in a state of disrepair yet people are seen mending the damage caused by the war. They head to the local orphanage, which is the only lead they have that could lead to Elina.

A sister is busy preparing food for the children and she promises to talk to the party, however one child, Chino, was still missing. The party heads outside to find the child just as they spot sister Lyta who was chasing him stumble. Ryu proceeds to chase the kid and manages to catch him, much to Chino's dismay. They head back to the orphanage just as Chino states that he has indeed seen Elina, however he will only tell the party if they win a game of hide and seek. The children rush out and the party follows, finding all children but Chino. One child states she has seen him head into the cellars, which is off limits. The party makes their way to the soldier guarding the entrance, who happens thirsty. Upon talking to a water selling lady close to him, he leaves his post. The party sneaks down into the hex infested cellars and slays monster after monster to finally rescue the child.

Synesta Guard drinking

The guard leaving his post...

Upon their return to the orphanage, the party learns that a shady local businessman, Marlok, might have been involved in Elina's disappearance. First, they have to fight the bodyguard Kahn before they can talk to the merchant. Being the businessman he is, he is willing to help but only against some favors. Ryu, Cray and Ershin will then chase a suspected thief at Hideout as well as clean up a warehouse at and load cargo onto sandfliers in Wharf.

Synesta Marlok Cray angry

Cray's anger towards Marlok.

Marlok, in the meanwhile, will make questionable advances on Nina, asking for a variety of massages, seriously discomforting her. The party learns that Elina was brought to the Western Continent. Marlok promises to smuggle them into enemy territory, stowed away inside a crate. They finally reach Kyoin, a borderline location that can be used to travel to Causeway on the Western Continent.


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Inn 50z

Weapon Shop

Weapon Price
Scramasax 1200z
Magic Wand 800z
Steel Bat 1000z
Waistcloth 320z
Chain Cap 600z
Brass Helm 90z
Glass Domino 220z
Soul Gem 1000z

Item Shop

Item Price
Healing Herb 20z
Antidote 12z
Eye Drops 14z
Jabbergras 20z
Panacea 100z
Ammonia 250z
Wooden Rod 50z
Floater 20z




This section refers to the underground section of Synesta which is visited as the party looks for and rescues Chino.


Item Location
Raptor Claws Following the path, Chino can be seen on one screen before party heads upstairs; left cell beside him can be opened to access the bag containing the item

Miscellaneous Loot[]

Item Location
Ammonia Inside right holding room at the long hallway downstairs, before larger room, on shelf
Protein After the set of hallways, can be found to the left in the first larger room, kitchen area on shelf
80 zenny After room with protein, upstairs and to the left, on shelf


Toxic Fly

Notable Residents[]


  • A cloaked figure can be seen in town before rescuing Chino; afterwards the figure is gone. The figure shows up again in the cutscene after Elina leaves town. In the manga adaptation, this figure is revealed to be Ursula.
  • Marlok can serve as master, the party needs to undertake a Treasure Ball Sidequest across the world to obtain all of his skills though
  • After the party receives a sandflier of their own, they can return to Synesta and talk to the girl in the orphanage next to the old nun in order to exchange the treasure for the Treasure Ball Sidequest


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