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Stone Robot

The Stone Robot is an semi-sentient ancient artifact located for north of Tantar and Tuntar. It is unknown who created the robot or for what it's original purpose was. Within the game, it functions as both a non-playable and a dungeon which the party must travel through multiple times.


After the party recuses Tuntar's Chief from the Dark Dragons they determine to restore the area's water access by destroying the boulder that the Dark Dragons used to dam the local river. In order to do so, they travel to and investigate the Stone Robot.

The entrance to the robot is located in its right leg and is only accessible once the party have retrieved the King Key from Agua. can be found. With that in their possession, they party returns to the Stone Robot. From the leg, the party journeys upward through the robot, eventually encountering a deployment of the Dark Dragon Army as they near the heart chamber. After winning the battle, the party uses the King Key on the robot's heart, and then continue on to the brain center, where Nina takes command of the robot and orders it to destroy the boulder damming Tantar and Tuntar's river. The player briefly pilots the robot as it travels the overworld toward its target. Upon reaching the boulder, a brief cutscene is triggered where Nina commands the robot to destroy the obstacle with its laser. With the boulder destroyed, the river resumes its natural flow and the party exits the robot.

Later, during Terry and Amy's wedding, one of the Dark Dragon Army's generals commandeers the robot and uses it to attack Tuntar, unaware that the town's entire population is currently attending the celebration in its sister city. When the general attempts to destroy the town, the robot freezes, and the party takes this opportunity to once again travel through the robots inner-workings and defeat the general. After the battle, the robot decides of its own initiative to travel to the volcano south of the twin cities. Once the party leaves the robot, it climbs into the volcano, destroying itself so that it cannot be used for future harm. The disturbance to the volcano causes it to erupt and its lava dries over the southern river allowing creating a natural bridge and granting the party access to that area. Nina then remarks that she heard the robot say "goodbye" as it sacrificed itself and Bo states that that the robot "asked us not to make the same mistake."




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