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アスパー Asupaa (Aspara)
Aspara Gus
Portrait Sparface Sparblue Sparseed Spardragon Sparshroom
Sprite Sparsprite Sparspriteblue Sparshroomsprite Spardragonsprite Sparseedsprite Sparbattle Sparbattleblue Sparbattledragon Sparbattleseed Sparbattleshroom
Carnival Attraction
111 (aprox. 16 in human years)
February 2nd
181 cm (5'11")
58 kg (127.9 lbs)
Personal Action
Forest Walk

Spar, or Aspara Gus in the Japanese version, is a playable character who appears in Breath of Fire II. The game's end credits reveal his full name to be Aspara Gus, a pun on the real world vegetable of the same name.

Role in Breath of Fire II[]

Ryu and his party can come across Spar very early in the game by visiting the circus tent, but he's not important to the plot until much later in the game when the group requires his assistance to communicate with the dying forests. The Circus Director, having been possessed by a Demon, threatens to have monsters kill Spar to gain some fame for the circus. The party intervenes and defeats the director, only to realize the Spar has been a willing captive the whole time, waiting for people who know something is wrong in the world. Spar joins the team and aids them by communicating with the great trees throughout the world. He is also pivotal in partially restoring the mind of the Wise Tree by helping Ryu and the party enter his mind and defeat the demon inside.

Spar is very knowledgeable, but his personality is rather cool and inexpressive. He displays very little emotion, even when faced with the prospect of being killed by monsters at the circus. Spar's primary drive for fighting with Ryu is his duty to protect nature from the negative impact of the demons. Spar's field ability is "Forest Walk." With Spar in the lead, they can walk through forest areas that are otherwise inaccessible to the rest of the party.

Appearance and Personality[]

Spar is always calm and rarely shows emotion.[1]

In Battle[]

Spar is an overall weak character in battle with average stats except for incredibly high HP and AP growth. He utilizes whips, but his attack power is lacking and does not acquire many useful damaging spells, limited to single target ice magic. Spar's strength lies in the plethora of buff and debuff spells they receive, making him an ideal support character and secondary healer. Spar's battle ability is "Nature," which depending on the geography will produce different results, such as exploding cacti, trees literally attacking, healing, etc. This ability is useless in areas without nature (i.e. dungeons such as towers or underground areas). Due to their high AP and magic damage being largely fixed damage, Spar is a great choice for teaching spells to from Barose.

Spar has the most Shaman transformations available out of any characters. He can become a small bulb-like plant, a Mushroom Maiden, or a dragon-like plant. Each of these transformations help to bolster his naturally low combat ability. The bulb form makes him physically more durable, replacing his Nature skill with Bud. Bud sacrifices a single turn to allow Spar to attack a random opponent the next turn at twice his usual offensive power. With an Atk-Up boost and strong weapon, this move can be devastating in a boss battle. The Mushroom Maiden form enhances Spar's stats across the board and can be augmented more than other Shaman forms since only the Water Shaman is needed to make this form. As a result, you can give it a slight boost to other stats depending on the second shaman used in the transformation. In this form, Nature is replaced with Spore, which a chance to inflict Sweet Breath on all enemies susceptible to sleep. However, the skill also has a chance to backfire due to a strong headwind (determined before the skill is used) instead putting the party to sleep. The dragon form makes him a much quicker fighter with a slightly higher critical hit rate and stronger offensive power. However, it retains the Nature ability rather than getting a unique special command.

Spell list[]

Level Name In-game description Effect AP Cost
Default Cold Ice stone Single Deals 30 Ice Damage to one enemy. 4
Default Cure 1 Recover HP 40 points Restores 40 HP to one ally. 4
Default Ag-Down Lower the enemy's Agil Inflicts one enemy with Agility-Down, decreasing their Agility by 50%. 5
Default Pwr.Down Lowers the enemy's Off. Inflicts Power Down on one enemy, decreasing their Power by 12.5%. 5
Default Def.Down Lower the enemy's Def Inflicts Defense Down on one enemy, decrease their Defense by 50%. 5
Default Hush Seal spells Inflicts Silence on one enemy. 5
Default Ag-Up Agil. up temporarily Gives one ally Agility-Up, doubling their Agility. NOTE: This spell is bugged and doesn't work as intended. 4
14 Def-Up Raises Defense Gives one ally Def-Up condition, increasing their Defense by 20%. 5
16 Idle Seal the enemy's movements Inflicts Sleep on one enemy. 6
18 Exit Escape from a dungeon Escapes from a dungeon 8
19 Warp Warp to a town. Warp to any previously visited town. 8
21 Sap Absorbs an enemy's HP Steals 30% of an enemy's HP with a cap of 30 HP. 5
22 Drain Absorb the enemy's AP Steals 30% of an enemy's AP with a cap of 30 AP. 0
26 Cure 2 HP recovers 100 points Restores 100 HP to one ally. 7
28 Freeze Freezing snowstorm Single Deals 100 Ice Damage to one enemy 10
30 Shield Damage by spell is weakened Gives Wisdom Up. condition to one ally, doubling their Wisdom. 6
32 Def-UpX Def. Increases Gives all allies Def-Up condition, increasing their Defense by 20%. 10
36 Atk-Up Off. up temporarily Gives Attack Up condition to one ally, doubling their Attack. 6


  • Spar was named "Aspara Gus" in the Japanese game, though this was truncated to Spar in the English version due to the four character limit programmed into the game.


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