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てんの塔 Ten no Tou (Heaven Tower)
Sky Tower

SkyTower is a location within Breath of Fire II.


Random visitEdit

The surface of the tower is uninteresting, there are two Manillos below, where one informs you of the location, and the other blocks you from going further.

After Fog Valley visitEdit

The Manillo blocking the way agrees to let you in. Ryu grabs the weight and goes down in to the deep water. You remember that when you were given the Gills, you were informed that they don't work well in deep water. As such you have 3 minute timer of air. A Manillo informs you that there are rooms of air, and another informs you that there are currents to beware. Swimming around, they find the base of Spoor's Tower in a room with a current. Climbing to the top, they find the Wind Shaman in a room of air. She stops blowing fog at the valley and teleports to Gigli Ziz. The Fog Valley should be free of fog now.


Manillo Armory



  • 1000C from the start: West and South.
  • GutsBL from the start: West, upst(air)s and South.
  • IceSH from the start: West, upst(air)s and South, go around and North through the other door, upst(air)s, North, West. (Walk into the west current to get slammed against the south wall, then walk against the current and turn right at the stairs).
  • FrozenAR In the first floor of Spoor's Tower.
  • NorthDR In the first floor of Spoor's Tower.
  • SpiritRB On the right side, exit the Manillo Shop for maximum air, get slammed against the wall, go down one space swim against the current to the south door, in the round room go west, continue west through the hall, go past the manillo that warns you of no air ahead and down the stairs. First seaweed room exit east, swim against the current, go north in the second seaweed room. Swim against the current (ignoring the door) to the source. Open the chest, and let yourself get pushed back to the wall.
  • GoblinSD From above, go into the previously ignored door.
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