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アルカイの神殿 Arukai No Shinden (Arukai Shrine)
Highlands Region; Eastern Continent
"So...This is where The Endless are summoned...It's permeated with a powerful aura...I can feel it... Countless gods...Dragons...I bet we'll be able to speak to the dragons here."

Sinchon is a location within Breath of Fire IV. Also known as the Yorae Shrine, Sinchon is located near Chek and is where the mediums go to the summon The Endless. The place is permeated with a divine aura that bears silent whitness to the aeons of summoning that must have taken place in this shrine.


At Deis's insistence, Ryu and the party travel here to summon the other dragons and ask for their aid as Ryu attempts to become strong enough that he will not be absorbed by Fou-Lu at their inevitable meeting.

They cross various halls and need to solve an ancient pressure plate riddle that allows them to traverse the sacred halls, defeating malicious robots and demons along the way. They eventually make it to the sanctum sanctorum, the holiest, innermost part of the shrine.

YoraeShrine Summon2

The party and the gods.

Here, they meet with the gods that have already been summoned into this world. They greet the Yorae Dragon and mention that it is impossible to escape the destiny where Ryu will meet his other half, Fou-Lu. The latter has lived for centuries, so his lifestream has grown bigger over the years. The gods state that it does not matter who of both halves wins the inevitable battle, Deis however wants Ryu to win so he can send her back to the place of her origin. The gods state fate cannot be changed, that's why they are merely watching over this world and never considered returning to their place of origin.

Sa Ryong also apologizes for the trouble caused when he rammed Cray and Nina's sandflier in the opening scene of the game.

The dragons promise to lend Ryu their strength for the final confrontation with Fou-Lu, however Ryu has to seek them out in the world. The gods disappear and the party returns, after camping out for one night, to Chek.


Item Location
Swallow Eye (x2) Second screen, leave to east, circle around hallway and exit to south again to follow straight path to chest
Dragon Scale (x3) pillar puzzle room, jump over right sections to reach the chest
Magic Shard (x2) pillar puzzle room, solve riddle as regular but remain standing on left pillar, when time runs out, sink down with pillar and walk to north, follow west side of straight path on next screen to find this chest
Soul Ring pillar puzzle room, solve riddle as regular but remain standing on left pillar, when time runs out, sink down with pillar and walk to north, follow east side of straight path on next screen to find this chest




Bot Powerlevelling Technique[]

Sinchon hosts one of the best spots to farm experience points. In contrast to other methods such as the treans farm, these monsters are fairly straightforward to dispose of. The yield is less risky and stable, assuming the monsters are kept alive.

One needs to face a large group of bots in Sinchon, a cluster of three is ideal. They can be burst open with area of effect combination magic skill such as Firewind (Burn + Sever) or Jolt (Frost + Eddy). In addition, having Nina learn Rest from a monster like Eye Goo and items such as Napalm can be used for this task.

Once they changed their form, the party should guard and watch the enemy HP. While it sounds counter-intuitive, the bots should be healed to ensure that they survive the process. Then they will revert back into their origin form.

This process needs to be repeated for a total of eight times. After each transformation, the individual xp value per monster DOUBLES, except the 9th repeat where it does a weird 2.3x multiplier, maxing out at a whopping 196,605 xp, so it does not make sense to go beyond 9 repetitions.

Repetitions XP Value
0x 330 xp
1x 660 xp
2x 1,320 xp
3x 2,640 xp
4x 5,280 xp
5x 10,560 xp
6x 21,120 xp
7x 42,240 xp
8x 84,480 xp
9x 196,605 xp

Finally, if one member of the party is seriously underleveled, Marlok's skill Monopolize can help to transfer the XP to the desired character. Monopolize can be reassigned conveniently at the Camp by using an Aurum. This makes the process of evening out the party members' levels considerably easier.


  • This place offers one of the best XP grinding opportunities in the game. (see above)
  • like in Chek, this place also has several references towards the sun and the moon
  • Various murals can be seen throughout the dungeon, some of which depict a dragon. This reflects the significance of the Yorae Dragon and the ancient dragon gods
  • Sinchon is a region in South Korea, meaning "New Village" (see translations)


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