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シェド Shedo (Shedo)
North Desert Region; Eastern Continent

Shyde is a location in Breath of Fire IV. It is a town that serves as a hub for the sandflier industry. In addition to selling sanfliers, the vehicles can be seen regularly entering and leaving the town frequently by prominent businessmen such as the Manillo Marlok. The party can also learn the Shift ability here by speaking with the Ventriloquist on the way to the sandflier vendor.


Nina, Ryu and the others come to Shyde in order to purchase a sandflier. Their own sandflier was attacked by Sa Ryong in the beginning of the game. The wreck, being in a state of disrepair, is left at Crash Site. Despite the fact that Nina managed to procure sandflier parts, they cannot repair their own sandflier which has now been salvaged by scavengers. This leaves the party with no other option but to purchase one of their own.

Shyde Sandflierhijacking2

Ursula's way of direct negotiation.

After reaching Shyde, the party then asks around town to find leads as to where such a vehicle can be purchased. They eventually manage to find a merchant, however he asks for a horrendous amount of money so the party is forced to leave and find another way. Just as they leave, a sandflier with the old acquaintance Marlok on board, can be seen passing by.

Ursula and Scias rush towards the bridge and leap from it onto the vehicle, much to Cray's surprise. Ursula threatens the merchant at gunpoint. Marlok, not amused by this display of violence, condemns this "change in line of trades".

The party apologizes for this rash action. Marlok, being a clever businessman with foresight, nonetheless offers the party help. He hands them over a bond, which allows the puzzled and grateful party to purchase a sandflier of their own.

Shyde own sandflier

At long last: A very own sandflier!

He did not do this out of sheer philanthropy though, he sees it as an investment that might pay dividends in the future, knowing that Ryu is the dragon of future, the Yorae Dragon. He will bring change to the world, which is a business opportunity for those that realize it.

Once in possession of the sandflier, the party can revisit former locations and gains access to the North Desert and South Desert regions. . They can also meet the sand dragon Sa Ryong; in order to do so, travel from Shyde to Shikk Region and jump over the dune in the southern part of the map. A secluded region can then be reached. Approach the Oasis to find Sa Ryong. In order to progress the story, the party makes their way to the Shikk Region via Mt. Giga.


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Weapon Shop[]

Item Price
Cuirass 840z
Crepe Cape 730z
Face Guard 450z
Long Boots 550z
Aura Ring 500z
Life Sandals 500z
Talisman 300z
Soul Gem 1000z

Item Shop[]

Item Price
Healing Herb 20z
Antidote 12z
Eye Drops 14z
Jabbergrass 20z
Wooden Rod 50z
Floater 20z
Baby Frog 20z
Straight 20z

Manillo Store[]

Item Price
Earth Claws Sweetfish (5x)
Ruby Scepter Trout (5x)
Broad Sword Rainbow Trout (2x) Trout (2x) Sweetfish (2x)
Flail Black Bass (x2) Bluegill (x3) Piranha (x6)
Firangi Black Bass (x3) Martian Squid (x3) Bass (x6)
Holy Mantle Rainbow Trout (x3) Browntail (6x)
Bell Collar Rainbow Trout (x3) Browntail (6x)
Aurum Jellyfish (5x)


On the path to the sandflier vendor


Item Location
Treasure Ball upgrade Can be traded with the resident found in a semi-hidden alcove near the inn


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