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ターボの神殿 Taabo No Shinden (Turbo Shrine)
Shrine outer1
Inn, Dungeon Exit
Dungeon (BoF IV)
Evrai Island (BoF II)
Golden Plains to Wyndia Region (BoF IV)

Shrine is a recurring location within the Breath of Fire series.

Appearance In Breath of Fire II[]

Shrine is a location within Breath of Fire II. It serves as the inn outside of Evrai on Evrai Island, as well as an escape route from Evrai for the members of the Resistance. The island can be reached by traveling by Great Bird. The inn nominally costs 10 Zenny, however speaking to the man in back will allow the party to rest for free.


The party emerges from JackDoor, battle worn and weary. They check the dresser for a Tolen before going through the door. The man scolds the party for being in an inappropriate location, and puts them to bed. The party wakes up refreshed on the other side of the counter. Attempts to re-enter Evrai are blocked forcing them back to the overworld. The party then heads to CotLnd.


  • CharmRod Upstairs in the dresser of the north room.
  • Tolen In the back room after exiting JackDoor, in the dresser. This is missable.

Appearance In Breath of Fire IV[]

Shrine is a location within Breath of Fire IV. It can be reached by traversing the Plains and heading east for the entire duration of the trip. The Shrine connects the Gold Plains region with the Wyndia Region. The Jadestone is required to open the secret passage into the shrine ruins themselves.


Following the events of Ludia castle, Cray's imprisonment and his subsequent rescue, the party flees from Ludia. They decide that the best course of action is to travel to Wyndia. First, they make a detour to visit Tarhn once more. After a reunion between mother and son and after a philosophical campfire discussion about the state of the world and Ryu's role in it, the party eventually receives the Jadestone. This item allows the party to travel through the Shrine to finally reach Wyndia.

Shrine laser puzzle

The party navigating through a laser puzzle.

The party, once more, heads into the plains and travels eastwards. After reaching the Shrine, they use the Jadestone to open a secret passage behind a statue. The journey turns out to be more complicated than expected, as the party has to solve a laser barrier puzzle in order to gather treasure and make it through the ruins. They eventually reach the end of the Shrine and exit to Wyndia Region close to the Ahm Fen.


Item Location
500 zenny Follow the path after entering the shrine and head left at the second intersection
Silver Top (x4) Laser Room:Cray should push green laser emitter then yellow laser emitter. Circle around to east and up the stairs for chest
Light Bangle After getting the previous chest, Cray needs to push the red laser, followed by the yellow laser to finally push the green laser. After pushing all three in this order, the party can leave the room to the east to enter a new chamber which contains the accessory
Ammonia (x2) After leaving the Shrine, walk outside of the building and head behind it to find a chest (turn camera if necessary)



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