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First appearance: Breath of Fire IV
Home: Tomb
Leader(s): Fou-Lu

Shishi are Chinese guardian lions whose name literally translates to "stone lion". They are large stone statues that are believed to bestow protective powers wherever they are placed. They are commonly placed in front of temples, palaces, and the homes of those who are wealthy.

Breath of Fire IV[]

In Breath of Fire IV two Shishi are present, both are servants to Fou-Lu to whom they hold an unbreakable loyalty toward. The Shishi are battled toward the end of the game and make for quite a difficult fight. If any other Shishi exist in the Breath of Fire universe or if they were simply created by the God Emporer to serve him. is unknown.

  • A-tur: They are one of the two found in the game. Slightly more powerful then the other Shishi they are golden in color and attacks similar to Won-qu. He is not aware that Ryu is the second half of Fou-Lu.
  • Won-qu: Won-qu is the second found in Breath of Fire IV, they unlike A-tur are aware of Ryu being the second half of Fou-Lu but ignores this fact and still follows his command. Won-qu is greenish in color and yellow. They serve as a temporary guide after accepting defeat.
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