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シューク Shuuku (Shuke)
Nina Seagull
Shikk Region; Eastern Continent

Shikk is a town located in the Shikk Region on the northern tip of the Eastern Continent in Breath of Fire IV. It is home to a number of sailors and is set against the only known non-mud sea in the world. The village hosts facilities related to seafaring such as ships, a loading crane or a storage hall. Children can be seen fishing and seagulls are soaring in the skies of this sleepy coastal town. The sailors frequent the local pub.


Having accidentally broken the Causeway during their fight with Rasso, Ryu and the party come to the town in an attempt to find a ship that will take them into the Empire. They ask around town in order to find anyone capable of sailing them across the ocean and eventually make their way to the local town tavern.

There, they find Zig, Kryrik and Iggy inside the bar, who happen to be ship owners. They are a bit superstitious though, and do not allow men on board who have not become sailors or women altogether. In order to prove their value as sailors, Ryu and the others first must head to the nearby sanctuary of Fane in order to receive the blessing of the Sea God. After meeting the Endless inside the shrine, they receive a Salt Stone, which serves a proof of their meeting as well as the god's blessing. They return to the town to present it to the sailors.

Upon presenting the stone to them in the bar, they head outside and discuss the details of how they want to cross over to the Western Continent, just as their old acquaintance Kahn shows up once more. After being beat two times, he has now become a deckswabber for the sailors, which he deems a real man's job that only strong individuals can perform. While Cray and the others propose that defeating Kahn in a fight would be enough proof of strength, Ursula, being pragmatic as ever, merely shoots Kahn off the shipmast, causing him to fall into the cold ocean.

Nina now has to prove herself against Iggy on top of the ship's mast. Being a member of the Wing Clan, she is not afraid and immediately takes up the challenge. She manages to push him off the mast. Subsequently, both Nina and Ursula spend the night inside the ship's hull to further prove their conviction. Several monsters show up, but they are no match for the girls. When sea lice suddenlly rain down onto them, they shriek in distress. Nonetheless, they spend the night down there and Zig eventually gives in, allowing the party to accompany them on their way across the ocean to the Western Continent.

Zig cannot take them there directly though, so he wants to let them disembark on some small islands near the Western Continent. Since the journey will take a while, the party relaxes. Kahn did not give up though, and challenges the party to the third fight. He is a force to be reckoned with, however with united forces, the party manages to subdue him for a third time. Defeated, he falls back into the ocean and drifts away. On the next day, the wind suddenly stops and the party wonders what happened. This happened due to the party being close to the Island of Fire.


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Inn 100 zenny, inside pub

Weapon and Item shop (one person)

Item Price
Claymore 5200z
Weather Wand 5000z
Quarterstaff 5000z
Flintlock 3200z
Brigandine 4800z
Fighting Robe 2500z
Vitamin 100z
Ammonia 250z

Miscellaneous Loot[]

Item Location
Water Bomb found inside a shelf, right room near ship

Ship Hull and Ship Cruise[]

This section refers to the story portion where Nina and Ursula spend the night down in the hull of the ship. Moreover, it also covers the scripted cruise part leading up to the third Kahn fight.

Miscellaneous Loot[]

Item Location
Warbler During the ship cruise, Nina and Ryu head inside the ship. First screen where Cray is, inside shelf


Enemy Comment
Copycat Transforms into different monsters, depending on attack
Sepoy Transforms from Copycat after physical attack
Wizard Transforms from Copycat after magical attack
Rat Pack
King Rat
Kahn third fight, ship cruise after hull scene

Notable Residents[]



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