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Shell Clan
First appearance: Breath of Fire II
Other appearances: Breath of Fire III
Breath of Fire IV
Home: Unknown
Leader(s): Unknown

The Shell Clan is a recurring tribe that appears throughout the Breath of Fire series. They are large powerfully built mammals that derive their name from the armadillo-like shell that covers their backs.


The Deep Knowledge section of The Graphics of Breath of Fire IV mentions that their physical appearance is modeled after armadillos[1] and, similar to armadillos, their backs are covered in a hard shell. This provides them with a high degree of natural armor, and they ability curl up into protective balls. Members of the Shell Clan possess immense physical strength, with some individuals portrayed as being strong enough to move stone walls with their bare hands. Their strength and endurance makes them well equipped for manual labor, such as farming.


Little is known about origins or history of the Shell Clan. They first appear in Breath of Fire II, and a few of their members also appear in Breath of Fire III. There is at least one appearance in Breath of Fire IV, behind the sandflier merchant.


The Official Complete Works describes the Shell Clan as gentle-natured individuals who are naturally drawn toward an agricultural lifestyle. They tend to establish roots early on in life and never travel beyond their own communities, making Rand a radical exception to their societal norms. In Breath of Fire II, they are uniformly portrayed as worshiping the agricultural god Namanda, and their society is based in FarmTown, where they coexist with humans. While members of the Shell Clan appear as Non-Playable Characters in Breath of Fire III and IV, they appear to lack a shared society or hometown in those games.


Unlike real-life armadillos, the members of the Shell Clan can roll freely while curled up in their shells, providing them with a safe and quick means of ground transportation. The Namanda religion places an emphasis on martial arts as well as spiritual training. This, combined with the clan's immense stature, often leads to its members developing a reputation for their fighting skills.

Notable Members[]


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