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サライの町 Sarai No Machi (Town of Sarai)
South Desert; Eastern Continent

Sarai is a location that appears in Breath of Fire IV. Located on the edge of the South Desert, it is the first town the party visits during the course of the game. It is a bustling desert community that serves as a center of trade for the region. There are market stands on both sides of the town and there are also rumors that the town contains a black market. Everybody seems to look for a quick business and they will help travelers out - if the price is right. Multiple citizens also warn new travelers about the dangers of con men and questionable merchants around town [1].


Sarai Minigame

The hungry bar patron.

After Nina and Cray's sandflier is damaged by a dragon in the desert, Nina heads to Sarai in an attempt to find parts to fix the sandflier. On her way there, she teams up with Ryu, whom she thinks of got lost. They begin their search at the tavern, where they find an old man eating and drinking a lot. He promises to to disclose the location of the Information Broker if they pay for his feast.

After his appetite and thirst are both satisfied, the man discloses the broker's location as promised. Both proceed to visit the broker who demands money for his information. The trail leads to a merchant just outside of town "?" near an oasis. He tells them the password for getting entrance to the black market of Sarai. They return to the bar and tell the barkeeper the password after which they are granted access to the black market. The merchant is worried about selling sandflier parts, which is a dangerous business as they were originally war machines[2], so he sends the party to the nearby Sandflier Valley.

Sarai Black Market

The local black market.

Upon their return to the bar, where they were supposed to get further help, Nina is discovered by an imperial soldier, who correctly identifies her as a princess of Wyndia. He then tries to capture her too, but fails after she fights him off. Ryu then hits him with the King's Sword, breaking it in the process. They both then escape, with some imperial troops on their trail.


Item Shop[]

BOF4 Shop Item
Sarai Item Store
Item Price
Croc Tear 4
Healing Herb 20
Antidote 12
Eye Drops 14
Ammonia 250
Wooden Rod 50
Baby Frog 20
Straight 20

Weapon Shop[]

BOF4 Shop Weapon
Sarai Weapon Store
Item Price
Sage's Staff 230
LeatherArmor 220
Bandana 30
Brass Helm 90
Soul Gem 1000


Inn 30z

Manillo Shop[]

(available after the party learns the Shift ability from the Ventriloquist in Shyde)

Item Price
Icicle Flatfish (3x)
Napalm Sea Bream (3x)
Taser Octopus (3x)
Ginseng Bonito (x1) Sea Bream (x1) Octopus (x1)
Dragon Scale Bonito (x1) Flatfish (x1) Octopus (x1)
Headband Bonito (x1) Sea Bream (x1) Flatfish (x1)
Moon Tears Spearfish (x1) Bonito (1x) Angler (1x)
Aurum Sea Bass (3x)


Near the town entrance


Item Location
Lead Ball This item can be purchased from the frog NPC in the tavern for 158 zenny. It unlocks the Treasure Sidequest which is needed to unlock skills with the Master Marlok.
40 zenny this item is found by examining the shelf to the right behind the bar counter in the bar
Power Food (x1) This item is found by examining the shelf near the black merchant



Notable Residents[]


  • If Ryu pays the information broker exactly 123 zenny, he will receive a Ginseng.
  • The Hungry Man in the tavern will compensate the party for their expenses with a random item(s) after the minigame ends.
  • The merchant who is seen at the crater when Nina first meets Ryu is found at the tavern
  • The party can reach the black market merchant also from outside by hugging the town wall and heading right from the entrance. If he sticks to the shadow, he will not leave the map and he can talk to the merchant. In order to proceed to Sandflier Valley though, he needs to talk to the barkeeper and enter his shop this way.


  1. the frog boy by the fountain; woman and elderly lady just outside of the bar
  2. The black market merchant mentions that sandfliers are war machines so he fears a hex to hit town; he also has a bodyguard, which suggests a tense atmosphere


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