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The Salt Sea is a body of water that appears in Breath of Fire IV. It is unique since most of the water that separates the eastern and western continents is composed of the great Mud Sea. The Salt Sea can be traversed by ship, and it connects the ports of Shikk to the East and Lyp to the West. Various small islands, the Cove, a Fishing Spot and and islet where Mozweed grows are located within it. It is also home of the great Sea Dragon, Hae Ryong.


Ryu, Nina and the others finally manage to get past the Checkpoint and head into Shikk Region, from where they intend to cross the Salt Sea to reach the Western Continent.

In Shikk, they ask around town in order to find someone with a vessel who could transport them to the other continent, and eventually, they find several sailors at the local town pub who would be willing to help them out, provided that they receive the blessing of the Sea Dragon in the nearby shrine of Fane. They head out and meet with the god, who gives them the trinket. Upon presenting it to the sailor Zig, they haven proven their worth. The women need to undergo two further trials, however. Nina has to fight Iggy on top of the ship's mast and then she and Ursula have to spend the night in the ship's bough, plagued by monsters and sea lice.

After these arduous trials, they eventually set sail and head towards Lyp, a harbor on the Northern Islands close to the Western Continent. On their way, the wind stops as they are cursed by a monster in the Island of Fire, which needs to be exterminated. After doing so, they eventually reach the town of Lyp. Finally, they can use the ship now from both Lyp and Shikk in order to explore the Salt Sea fully.

After traveling to Pabpab via the Jungle, Ryu and the others meet Beyd and his Pabpab wife Poko. One of their children is sick and Beyd asks them to travel to the Nameless Island in order to get Mozweed, a herb that can cure the sickness. The weed grows in infinite quantity on the island and can be sold for a profit. This allows the player to use it as an additional source of income for the party. Each Mozweed sells for 50 Zenny, and several can be gathered within a short amount of time.

The party can also meet the great Sea Dragon, Hae Ryong, here.

Navigating the Ocean[]

This is done with the ship. The party can dock at ports (Lyp, Shikk), where any journey starts. For navigation, the party uses the wind on the one hand as well as supplies on the other hand. Moving with the "row" command consumes supplies and teleports the ship back to the port of origin after complete depletion. The explore command is used near points of interest, where treasure can be found.

Locations and Treasure[]

Red Flag = Treasure POI   Blue Flag =  Location POI  Purple Flag = Story POI   No Flag = Ports, Unmarked Island with Hae Ryong

RED FLAG (Treasure Island) Description

Small Island SE of Lyp

5x Water Bomb


Small Island NW of Lyp

3x Water Ward

ISLAND 3 NE of LYP circle around

Small Island NE of Lyp This island can be seen from both Lyp and Shikk side, however navigation can be tricky. Approach from Lyp and head through rocks in the Southern section, then hug the southern area bordering the mud sea and circle around the island, approach from SOUTH 1x Harmonic Ring

ISLAND 3 SE of Shikk

Small Island SE of Shikk

1x ManlyClothes

ISLAND 5 NW of Shikk

Small Island NW of Shikk

3x Bent Screw

BLUE FLAG (Event Island) Description
Fishing Spot NE of LYP

NE of Lyp Fishing Spot Ocean 2                                                                             

PURPLE FLAG (Story Island) Description
Unnamed Island Mozweed

SW of Shikk Nameless Island Flag appears after Pabbap Village story events; Mozweed is gathered here

PORTS and other POIs Description
Shikk PORT

Shikk Harbor


Lyp Harbor

Cove as seen from ship


HAE RYONG unmarked

Unmarked Island (Sea Dragon) This location is a bit tricky to find, from Lyp, sail towards Shikk and bend the sails to the left as soon as those rock formations can be seen to the left of the ship. Hae Ryong will wait for the party there

Finding the Sea Dragon[]

"Thou seekest my blessing? Very well. Thou shalt have it. Once thou walk the whaleroad, seek us out. We shall give you another blessing then young dragon. We dwell in the wild deep places, those protected by hard rock and stone. Bend your sails there, and thou shalt find us."
Hae Ryong to RyuHae Ryong, the Sea Dragon, first appears before Ryu and the others at Fane as he grants them his blessing in form of the Salt Stone. He states that they should seek him out in the Salt Sea to receive another. "(...)protected by hard rock and stone, bend you sails there, and thou shalt find us." is the hint he gives them.

In order to finally reach Hae Ryong, Ryu and the others have to sail towards Shikk from Lyp. To the left of the ship, they will notice several rock formation in front of an island as well as the deep blue sea. They sail to this unmarked island and explore the area to find a deserted, solitary island. This is the place where Hae Ryong dwells.


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